Cleotha Splayfoot

Caravaneer of Haven exceptionally friendly Dwarven woman

Of course it’s important to be a proud Barsaivian. King Varulus wants us all to stand proudly together under the banner of freedom and justice. I can’t understand those who fear Throal. If we do not stand together, we shall all buckle under Thera’s yoke. What price your pride then?

Cleotha Splayfoot is the operator of a caravan business that arranges trips between Throal and Haven. Torgak relies on her service to maintain his supply line of goods from elsewhere in Barsaive. To those who care about such things, Cleotha advertises her strong connections to the Throalic royal family, and most people in Haven suspect that she works for Throal as well as for herself, though they do not know to what extent.

Cleotha spends a great deal of time at The Restless Troll, buying drinks for newcomers and old timers alike. Her naturally warm personality and clearly expressed sympathy for Throal come off as sensible talk rather than official propaganda. She has made an effort to befriend the leaders of both of the town’s explorer societies without alienating either of them, a monumentally difficult task.

Cleotha often spends time in the company of known Throalic agents, but no one considers this unusual or unseemly. More often than not, people assume the agents are negotiating for her caravan service. Omag Bastabus, spends a great deal of time and effort trying to prove that Throal is paying Cleotha directly in order to paint her as a spy rather than simply a Throalic sympathizer.

Cleotha’s caravans can insure any merchandise she agrees to transport. She pays 25 percent of the resale value of any item lost or stolen en route to its destination. Her competitors rarely can afford to pay more than 5 percent because of the sheer danger of travel across Barsaive. Cleotha also keeps her prices competitive; she charges 75 silver pieces for each fifteen pounds of goods carried from Haven to Throal, while most caravaneers charge 105 to 110 silver pieces for a trip of similar length. As with other Traders in Haven she can’t set prices for travel via Air Ship, although she still manages to offer the same insurance policy. The only disadvantage to traveling with Cleotha’s caravans is that they travel only one route. Adventurers wishing to transport goods to other cities must hire the more expensive, less reliable caravaneers. Because Cleotha runs such an efficient and cost effective operation, many adventurers choose to ship items for sale exclusively to Throal.

Cheerful and competent, Cleotha truly believes in her mission. A passionate foe of slavery, she feels that Barsaive deserves the benevolent rule of King Varulus, whether all Barsaivians know it or not. If she keeps certain aspects of her role in Haven private, she does so for the ultimate good of its people. She believes they will thank her once Haven officially becomes a principality of Throal.


Cleotha Splayfoot