Bone Shamblers

Rolling collection of bones, armour and weapons


Bone Shamblers are a horrible form of undead Horror construct built from the thousands of bones that litter the ruins of Parlainth. Many, though not all, bone shamblers also consist of gold and silver pieces incorporated into their bodies. Bone Shamblers move by rolling, the bones and their former owners’ armour and weapons rattling with a sound guaranteed to set teeth on edge. When a Bone Shambler attacks, jagged bones and broken weapons protrude from its “arms” like giant spikes. A Bone Shambler sees through “eyes” made of smaller bones, and can ambush a target from behind. If it takes damage equal to its Death Rating, a Bone Shambler shatters into hundreds of bone fragments. Unless these fragments are scattered or destroyed, a Bone Shambler can re-form itself in 1 to 4 hours.


Bone Shamblers