Loyal supporter of the Circle Path Company: Weaponsmith


Belstraum has been on the House Council for nine years, and all this time he has been a very loyal supporter of the Circle Path Company perhaps a little too loyal. With a fiery zeal, he puts the success of the Company before anything else; before his friends, his family, and before even himself. Six years ago, he even reported on his own father, after Belstraum had caught him skimming a mere ten silver off the profits from a deal that he had just closed. From that time on, many members ofthe House have kept a wide berth between themselves and this elf they considered just a little bit crazy. However, they also grudgingly respect his knowledge of how the company operates, and they would never again find a more reliable person to do what is best for the Circle Path Company.

Throughout his time as a member of the Council, he has brought forth many ideas to improve the standing the Circle Path company. Many of the ideas were indeed wondrous and brought the Circle Path great success. Other plans, no matter how well intended, were just too radical, too extreme to even consider. When the Council would decide against such a plan, Belstraum often took matters into his own hands, and he managed to accomplish them with an astonishing success rate.

Rarely has he had a plan fail. Many members of the House realize what he has done when they hear news of events that duplicate Belstraum’s radical ideas taking place, but none have said anything about it. No one wants to dispose of him, but if he ever brings failure down upon himself, few would mourn. Oddly enough, he never has exhibited any sort of ambition for himself.