The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

3rd to 6th of Charassa:

Scarecrow k ing ritualFor the next three days as we practiced our talents, we scoured the Kaer for anything useful and managed to find a few trinkets including a booster potion, which will defiantly prove useful as I appear to have become the one everyone stands behind. I have no problem with this and the spell casters in our group do have some very useful spells that give me a greater advantage against the foes we have met so far. Although I would be a little happier if we had another skilled warrior in our group, at least we have a Nethermancer.

During this time and feeling proud of this group of brave adventurers, whom I now find myself making a strong bond with, we started to have a very long and drawn out discussion if we should name this group. The group, after what seemed like an interminably long period of time even for an Obsidimen, eventually decided yes we should have a group name, and then the real disagreements started. Too many names to list were thrown about all being derivations on the same theme of Night and Day. Again after many hours of discounting many names we eventually ended up with two possible names that really matched what our adventuring group exemplified.

The final name we all eventually agreed upon is “The Circle of Light” as we have brought light to darkness and form a protective circle round each other in the face of the horrors that lurk in the dark places of this world.

On the third day we set of for what was marked on the map just as “Cursed Village, Stay away the people act strange now”. As a final reminder to any who come upon this Kaer I left an etching on the wall, which reads:

Kear En’Faden Loki (The Forward Light) has been release from darkness into the light.
May all who tread here do so safely.
The Circle of Light.

With that we set off on a four day walk to the village of which we know nothing apart from the warning on the map. Our first day and night go without incident.

Kaer map

7th of Charassa:

JehuthraOn the second day we came upon a ravine, strewn with rocks, more worryingly though the whole ravine was covered in webs contained within the remains of many animals and name givers. As we started to think about what to do next we saw movement at the other end of the ravine, which appeared to be a gigantic spider, however I instantly recognised it as a Jetuthra, these are deadly beasts but fortunately they are not poisonous. At this point after getting some protection spells cast upon me, I ran to the left side of the ravine where a large pile of rocks lay. I just managed to arrive as the Jetuthra charged towards Jace, who was doing a great job of distracting the beast. Elora had also come with me, although I doubted she would have the strength to move the rocks of the top of the ravine and on to the Jehuthra, surprising she did manage to summon the strength and toppled a large number of rocks on the carapace of the Jetuthra.

Unfortunately for Elora the Jetuthra didn’t seem to like this and focussed its attention upon her and trapped her in one of its freezing cold webs. Seizing the moment I took two mighty strikes and cleaved the beast in two. I considered ourselves to be lucky, as I have heard many a tale about these horror constructs and how easily they have trapped and slain many a young group of heroes thinking it to be just a larger version of a spider, only to be ensnared and tortured to death over several days.

After searching the area and finding a small collection of coin with continued northwards towards the unknown.

“Seeing this huge spider like creature made me really scared and I wanted to run away, however these tall things that I’m travelling with seemed to know what to do and I must be brave for them so I barked at the foul beast that was charging towards us. I noticed some of the others seem frightened like they knew this creature was very deadly; however I could not believe it because my master (the one they call Jace) charged the huge spider head on and tried to distract it away from the group and swooped down several times attacking the beast, he was very brave.

After the fight the tall people seemed very happy with themselves and as the big one that looks like a mountain cleaned horror blood of his huge axe the others searched around and picked up more of those shiny silver things off the floor, I do not see why they are so interested in them I sniffed one and you can’t eat them they are too hard . I noticed the dark one (the one they call Kaerless) seemed really happy with some stones he found on the floor and was rambling something about Nethermancer spells whatever that is. However I still don’t understand as you can’t eat stones either. I hope someone feeds me soon. “
Balthazar – The Wonder Dog

8th & 9th of Charassa:

Over the next two days apart from an encounter with a large bear protecting its cubs nothing else happened of interest. We did manage to bypass the bear without conflict as it would have been a cruel thing to have slain such a mighty creature just for protecting its young. We’re out here to help the world not to slay innocent creatures.

As the sun was setting on the 9th of Charassa we came upon a house on the top of a small hill surround by a huge wheat field.

Farm house in wheat field

Jace instantly flew over to the house to see if there were any occupants inside. As he did this I stared in to the field and thought it was strange that such a large field of bounty could be out here without any apparent protection except a small house. Using my talents I peered in to astral space and managed to discern signs of corruption but couldn’t see it clearly enough to determine its exact nature. Asking the others some had seen the same but no further knowledge was gained.

Jace returned and told us there was an elderly man sat alone in the house, deciding to introduce ourselves, Jace, Elora and myself went and knocked on the door. Just as the elderly man opened the door he said “What is it now” as if he had had a recent visitor. Upon seeing us the man stared at us in fear, Elora tried to reassure the man, but nothing that she or any of us said reassured him in any way. What was suspicious about what he said was this was a safe area and that there’s an abandoned village some 2 to 3 hours away from here and he pointed in a general direction. He wasn’t even willing to let us stay here on anywhere near for the night and eventually closed the door.

As we all discussed what we should do next; we heard a horse from the back of the house running away, at this Jace immediately flew towards the sound and followed where it went. Upon his return what he had seen was very surprising, as all that could be seen for as far as the eye could see was wheat, yet Jace had seen a very large village hidden in a large dip to evade discovery.

As we continued to discuss what to do next, some wanted to go and approach the village, others wanted to wait and see what happened. But before we had made a decision we started to see flickering lights approaching and then 20 or so men all holding farming implements coming slowly towards us. One who appeared to be there leader a human in his 60’s with greying hair and a beard, started asking what we were doing here?

At this time I sensed something else was wrong with these people and that they were not just nervous of our presence. After seeing through there disguise I determined that they were all Horror Marked, by what I couldn’t discern. After I had gained this insight I questioned them directly and told them they were horror marked, to which they actually accused me of being a horror. Once again they asked us to leave and also mentioned an abandoned village that we could go to. Realising we were going to get little from these people we decided to walk off out of sight and fane leaving.

These poor people have been isolated for so long I doubt they know anything of the outside world and fear it immensely. They have been horror marked and probably have some inkling of this and will defiantly fear the repercussions should they have given us any real information. I strongly suspect that they are being controlled in some way by this horror to most likely do terrible things. I do not want to hurt these people, but I do want to find the horror that is responsible for their torment and release them from its grip.Gron

After many an hour the villages started to head back from whence they came, after they had all disappeared we headed slowly and quietly in the same direction. Arriving at the edge of the wheat field we could see a very large village containing many houses. In the middle of the village we could see a huge bonfire towards which the villages were heading all carrying pumpkin heads as lanterns.

Deciding to get a better look of what was happening near the bonfire we moved to the other side of the ravine. From here we could see ten figures in red cloaks with a white bale of wheat embroidered on the back, everyone else was just standing staring in to the fire, of which there were about 80.

Then one of the villages started to head away from the fire and towards the other side of the village. Jace immediately flew up and out of sight to investigate as the rest of us walked round the edge of the field keeping behind the wheat so as not to be spotted. As we got near Jace returned to say that villager had gone in a temple to the passion of Jaspere and also reported that it looked rather run down and derelict. Kaerless decided to stay on the top of the bank behind the wheat as watch out, as the rest of us went to investigate what this person was doing.

Elora and I stayed outside whilst; Rastin, Jace and Karaath went in. After a short while they came back out and said the villager had been changing in to a Red Cloak, the same as the ones the other villages where wearing round the fire. They had also knocked him out and tied him up, I checked upon him to ensure he wasn’t hurt too much, fortunately he wasn’t

At this point we heard a commotion from over near the fire, and saw two large doors being opened, out of which came 13 children escorted by the robed figures. As they came out all the villagers fell silent, and Karaath remarked, “I wondered why we hadn’t seen any children in this village” which only fuelled my original thought that these people were being controlled by a horror and no doubt the children are being used as a sacrifice to the beast.

Slowly the robed figures escorted the children in to the wheat field on the other side of the village. Quickly we all headed in the same direction and followed them through the field.

Soon we arrived upon a clearing; only three of the robed figures could be seen looking inwards to where the children had formed a circle round a huge scarecrow. At this sight I thought this must be the Horror that is forcing these poor villages to do its bidding.

Scarecrow k ing ritual

Scarecrow king snathching childInstantly I charged towards the beast at which point it darted off in to the wheat. As Jace and Elora and I ran after it, I realised I wouldn’t be able to catch it so I came back to the clearing, at which point I noticed that the three robed villages where attacking Karaath, Kaerless and Rastin. Shouting “don’t kill them”, I charged at one and immediately knocked him out.

Jace finally returned and said that the horror had gone underground, at this point we heard a scream and as we looked round we saw the Horror come out of a large burrow in the ground and grabbed one of the children.

StrawmedTelling the villages to take the children away from here The Circle of Light charged down the burrow after the Horror and entered into a large cave, to be greeted by three scarecrows, these I instantly recognised as Strawmen.

Being such feebly horror constructs I ran straight passed them and headed directly towards the Horror. Before I could get there the horror drew in a deep breath and appeared to draw out the life force of the little girl at which point she collapsed to the ground and appeared to be dead.

Making swift work of the Horror, Kaerless appeared on the scene at the last moment seemingly thinking he had slayed the beast on his own. Turning round I could see that the three Strawmen had also been taken care of, which Kaerless boasted about dealing with single headedly. I don’t know or care if he did; he undoubtedly has great power and great potential and has proven himself on more than one occasion. Even Karaath managed to fire of some affective spells, which we haven’t seen from him recently, he may have a surprise up his sleeve; he has some good ideas at least.

After searching through the remains, we managed to find a last chance salve, which Karaath instantly suggested we give to the girl. Great idea, save the child, saved the village, our name will be sung for many a year to come. I hope when we get to the village that they have now been released from the clutches of their captor and can now live normal lives. Although they will have to begin in earnest to protect their village, which in some strange way is what the Scarecrow King has been doing, whilst slaughtering their children and corrupting their minds.

Amongst the other trinkets we also found two magical items, a magical robe and magical golden statue, we have found many a magical item now, but know nothing of their powers.

Magical robesForest Robes of Blending

Magical gold statue
Talisman Statue of Force

= = = = =

I don’t know what to do the tall people have ran down a hole in the ground chasing the Horror and I can hear sounds of fighting, within moments I felt a tingle running down my spine and the hairs on my back stand on end like the magic of the area was been drained (they must be casting those spells again) but I hope they hurry because they don’t know “the villagers are coming” I can see about 20 of them now and several of them have started waving those burning torches at me but I won’t let them past, I won’t let them get to my master.
Balthazar – The Wonder Dog

= = = = =

“I hate myself for this night.

There, I have put pen to paper and written my thoughts, but I’ll explain further.

Our group came across a village, hidden within a ravine, surrounded by corn, swaying in otherworldly winds. We infiltrated within the village whilst they were conducting some form of ritual feast, dead eyes looking into the fires, and whilst the others went to question one who had strayed from the flock, I saw these demented fools lead out their children into the corn.

Rousing the others to following, we headed back out of the village and followed these madmen, and came to a clearing, of course Gron, not known for subtly charged what we saw there, and began to cleave into the horror. This horror was holding court over the children, draining their lives away with each breath, as we approach it locked eyes with each of us, and as Gron charged it fled. Whilst others slowed there pace, or charged off heedlessly into the corn, I stopped by the children, to find they were still breathing, still this side to the bridge, but only just. Kaarath was the only other one to show any compassion towards these weak lives.

These men, if you want to call them that attacked us, we subdued them easily, and they begged us not to harm them, the power I felt then was amazing…

Shouting at the men who had walked them out of the village, I promised them a slow death if they did not return the children safely, and followed the others into the corn.

By the time I caught up, Gron had suffered a wound to his neck, and the others were stamping out a fire caused by Rastin, strewn around them appeared to be destroyed scarecrows, and a trail of burning oil led off into the corn, taking the lead I followed.

Jace hovered over a small mound, and as the entrance came into site, this “Scarecrow King” as Gron has named the creature, came into view carrying a small child back under ground. Cursing under my breath I was the first to follow it, whilst the others dithered I leapt into the dark.

My light crystal revealed an underground den. In front of me were three slow moving animated Scarecrows, and at the back of the room stood this king, in his throne room. Moving towards the King one of his minions barred my way, I ripped its arm from it body, noticing how light and flimsy the appendage was, and pushing the creature away. The others had joined us by then, and whilst Gron held the beast down, I knelt and calling all my rage into focus ripped its head from its corrupted form.

It was too late for the child though, as she lay blue and motionless. As Kaarath went to her aid, I turned and with anger still flowing through my veins, proceeded to rip apart the remaining Scarecrow, but this time Jace had found some intriguing items, one of which Elora identified as a healing position, of some power. Kneeling over the child’s corpse, Kaarath administered the potion and to my amazement the child took in a large lungful of air. She lived.

After burning the corpses of these foul creations we made our way back to the village, and to what awaited us, good or ill, and the rest is now set in history…”
Kaerless Thoughts

= = = = =

I had found a clear spot and proceeded to perform a ritual to the passions.

After setting out a circle like a clock on the floor with the name of each passion within the circle Rastin sat down and said the following.

I call upon all The Passions not just Jaspree who was worshiped hear long ago.

I call upon you all by your true names.

Prove you are still in the world.

I will strive all I can to rebuild in your names but these people need your help.

Astendar – I call for these people have laugh and loved so little for such a long time help show them what life is.

Chorrolis – Desire is a powerful gift it allows us to achieve and trade will allow them to repay the help they receive, Help them aspire to.

Floranuss – Give them the energy drain over years of torment to rebuild and flourish. To Triumph over the horror they have endured.

Garlen – If ever there is a place in this world that needs the gifts you bring it’s hear. Healing from years of torment and a rebuilding of their home that chance for the children to live and be the future.

Jaspree – They worshiped you once and they will again for they are farmers they love the land help them grow.

Lochost – they are free from the horror and a huge change has come to their lives help to stay free.

Mynbruje – Justice, compassion, truth and empathy these people have been tainted by horrors force to do terrible things help them with empathy and Truth and justice that must be done.

Thystonius – these people have no defences they need to strive to be ready some will need to exult in the passion of combat and bravery for they will need warriors to survive.

Upandal – These people need to rebuild everything from their lives to protection for the town planning what needs to be done and crafting what is required.

Erendis (DIS) – You strive for knowledge help these people learn what the need to survive this is your true calling help those that would follow it too.

Rashamon (Raggok) – These people need leaders to stand out and drive them forward to forge a strong community help them Rashamon it is your true passion.

Vestrial (mad passion) – Help these people laugh and joke once more for in their happiness will you find yours.

In your names I vow to devote my life for life is a mix of passions or you have not lived at all.

Rastin – Human Elementalist
- Log of Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker of The Circle of Light


Nice log this one, was a fun game as well :)

Session 4: Wheat Fields of Horror

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