Session 27: Malgims Salvation



The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

Darkness now surrounds us on all sides and the Circle of Light are standing deep inside the catacombs of the lost city of Parlianth where we have just killed the named horror know only as the Abomination seeing us rip through is huge gelatinous form in an epic fight that could have easily cost us our lives, luckily however on killing the foul horror many of its worshippers and undead minions fled off deeper into the catacombs meaning death now waits for us in the darkness.

We did notice however that on killing the horror its name giver worshippers seemed to be freed from its evil grasp and in total fear and shock they ran away into the many corridors with the undead chasing them. I felt guilty at this point as whilst the fight had been heavy and we panted deeply to catch our breath the human Elementalist Rastin did not rest for more than a few seconds before he set off running down the corridor shouting “Come on we must save the innocents” seeing him again through his hands to the floor where mighty gusts of wind hurtled him down the pitch black corridor trying to save the innocent corrupted worshippers from the undead, this again shows what a caring soul Rastin is as I think many of us had abandoned hope of saving them, yet alone Rastin charged off into the darkness.

The Windling thief Jace again showed his bravery as only seconds later he darted off after Rastin seeing him fly down the tunnel at full speed where the green burning magic in his sword burst to life bathing the corridor in a strange green light that shimmered off the moist walls, only seconds after we witnessed the tell tale flashes of Rastin’s fire smashing into the undead foes that remained, it was not long however before then entire Circle of Light charged after our friends knowing that where they go we follow. Charging up the corridor was a surreal experience as the entire place was shimmering in both magical green light and fire with the screams of people echoing over the halls until all of a sudden the undead seems to turn around and begin charging back towards us.

I could see Jace and Rastin both fighting ahead and looking back could see the huge horror stalker Gron not far behind me with Elora and Kaerless in close pursuit, so not wasting a single second I charged straight into combat delivering several mighty blows against a undead cadaver man hitting the creature so hard that I was shocked when it did not fall to the floor dead, in fact instead the foul creature held its ground and could see an entire rage was building in its eyes as it leaped towards me with his rotting jaws wide open when all of a sudden I heard a darting sound whiz past my ear seeing Elora’s arrow hit the beast straight between the eyes killing in dead just before it had chance to attack me, looking back however she had already drawn another arrow.

Boom another one of Rastin’s fire balls exploded in the distance seeing the undead engulfed in flames sadly however with so many foes I quickly stepped forward to meet another one of the foul undead and again brought my mighty sword down onto its shoulder nearly chopping its arm clean off it body but again the foul undead managed to survive and came lunging towards me with its evil undead eyes writhing in anger, again however another expertly shot arrow flew past my head piercing the cadaver man straight through the throat seeing it drop dead to the floor but again Elora drew another huge arrow which was ready to fire within only a split second.

Lifting my sword high I brought it crashing down onto the next opponent another foul smelling and rotting cadaver man seeing me chop its grotesque arm clean from its body, again however another whizzing sound darted past my ears seeing another one of Elora’s arrows smash directly into the creatures chest knocking it clean off its feet and sending it flying several feet through the air. I could not believe it each one of the evil undead I hit tuck serious damage but still came towards with me a vicious surge of terror only to see Elora’s arrows save me at the very last second like some great hunter of the night was watching over my shoulders.
I remember looking back and seeing Elora’s eyes glinting in the darkness as she pulled back another huge arrow in her awesome war bow, and can only say her movements in those final seconds were both as calm as the night yet fluid like the waters of her homeland seeing her release the huge arrow which came hurtling towards me like lighting, and can remember spinning round in those last few seconds just in time to see the arrow smash into another evil minions head who was only seconds away from attacking me with is rotting claws. I am unsure why but for those brief few moments I almost felt invincible like some great hunter or angel had been sent to watch over me in the darkness, like some great guardian of the night was watching over my shoulders.

Not only that but soon the mighty Gron was at my side seeing him smash down his huge axe on one enemy after the other killing them dead with each colossal blow, and with that the Circle of Light decimated the undead chopping them limb from limb with expert precision. I remember after the fight that both Rastin and Kaerless didn’t waste any time seeing them begin to chant their mystical spells to try and heal and save the wounded people who had been innocently taken by the horror, sadly however they could only revive two of them managing to get them breathing and in a stable condition we secured them in a room whilst we search the rest of the underground complex.

Making our way up one of the corridors we soon came to a closed door which the thief Jace managed to open with ease seeing us peer inside the ancient room and have to say what we witnessed there was enough to make our eyes gleam as sitting in the back of the room was a huge golden chest that looked to be filled with gold coins, one the floor however each tile was painted in either silver or red making us think this was some kind of test or trap to catch the greedy or foolish. Having check the area over the thief Jace could not find any obvious signs of traps so he and the Nethermancer Kaerless both stepped inside the room where they attempted to figure out the ancient puzzle in front of them, while I never entered this room it was a nerve racking time as I watched my friends entering the unknown and possibly dangerous situation.

I have to admit however that both Jace and Kaerless did an excellent job of navigating the room seeing them step on the tiles in turn, first red and then silver, then red again taking it in turns standing on the different tiles in order and after a short time they had made it all the way to the chest at the back of the room which seemed to be some kind of illusion. Elora at this point with her cunning Elf vision went to assist seeing them figure out the ancient puzzle until a chest of gold appeared in front of them seeing Jace’s eyes light up as he opened the small wooden chest to see the gold flicking inside, from what it seems each time they got a part of the puzzle right another magically hidden chest appeared filled with more gold coins, in total we walked away with 400 gold coins form that one room seeing the group smile and congratulate our friends for their bravery and think that the master of the dark arts Kaerless was the one who finally solved the puzzle.

With that the group headed further into the darkened complex seeing us search several more empty storerooms where we found very little, at one point however Jace was convinced he had found a secret door of some kind but to the rest of us it just looked like a solid stone wall, after some time ranting on we finally managed to drag Jace away form the wall as we needed to move on. The next room we came across however held more hidden treasures as on opening the door we could see an entire room stacked with adventuring equipment such as swords, armour, shields and all manor of things that the strange horror cult had collected over the years, all of a sudden however two undead ghoul creatures came charging towards us out of the corners of the room.

This however was not a big problem as the Circle of Light is highly trained and use to fighting countless opponents and we quickly despatched the two ghouls before searching the room where we found all sorts of basic gear along with several healing potions and other healing equipment which we bagged up before moving on further into the catacombs. The next room however gave us much more of a shock as on opening the next door we came across we suddenly heard a strange sound when all of a sudden the room exploded with a fine red powder that engulfed the room and the entire corridor we were standing in and have to say we all felt tense for those moments thinking we had set of some ancient trap that would poison us seeing us fall to the floor in agony, strangely however this curious red powder had the exact opposite effect and on touching the skin seemed to heal our wounds and grazes like some magical healing device, I am still not totally convinced and think we should ask about this strange red powder once we get back to Haven.

I have to say form that point things got even stranger as checking the next door for traps everything seemed all right until one of us opened the door and all of a sudden flooding out of the room came thousands of time rubber balls that seemed to bounce and ping all over the place like they were possessed by magic, whilst this was worrying a first the group soon started to chuckle as the balls bounced harmlessly off us doing no damage whatsoever, if anything it was like a child’s play room filled with bouncing rubber balls until Elora picked one up in her hands seeing the ball stick her hands together as if by magic, in fact grasping the ball in her hands she could not release it which is when the group suddenly got more worried.

Rastin however giggled and saying a simple few words of arcane magic he waved his hands over Elora’s seeing the magic in the ball dispelled, by all accounts Rastin knew this spell and said it was a basic spell that stick certain object together and that these rubber balls was obviously enchanted with age old magic that was more an annoyance that danger which seemed to calm the group, in fact Kaerless the Nethermancer at this point seemed very interested because once the magic in the balls was dispelled he picked up various rubber balls and started throwing them around the place seeing them bounce off down the different corridors as a form of trap detection, well he said it was a form of trap detection but I think really we all noticed the look of excitement on his face.

Having searched the rooms in that area we made our way down a long corridor where Kaerless continued to bombard us with rubber balls until we finally reached a staircase leading upwards, so cautiously taking the stairs we entered an ornate and clean room that looked relatively untouched, however on walking inside the room I think we were all shocked as suddenly out of nowhere an ethereal figure of an old man appeared seeing us all jump backwards. Within only seconds however the ethereal figure began to speak saying “Welcome I am Malgim Mortaka” and on hearing that we could not believe out ears as the vision before us was the ancient wizard who died many years ago fighting the horror called the Abomination that we had just killed, in fact from what Rastin and Karless said this was some kind of magical message left her for hundreds of years.

Needless to say we listened on in wonder as the ancient massage confirmed the legend of all those years ago that the great wizard Malgim was a real person and that many years ago he had fought to save the city of Parlainth seeing him blend with the dread beast the Abomination in hopes of stopping it from destroying the city, and by all accounts he did this using a powerful spell using four fountains of the elements seeing him draw magic from the planes of fire, wind, earth and water to create a powerful ritual where he sacrificed his own life to protect his people. I have to say it was strange seeing this ancient figure before us because now all these years later the Circle of Light had proved to me Malgim’s salvation not only killing the horror he was trying to stop but rescuing his ancient body form with inside the horror and we could only hope that finally brought him peace.

Moving on further through the complex we made good time until all of a sudden the Elementalist Rastin stopped dead in his tracks, standing still for several seconds he seemed to close his eyes and breathed in deeply several times before he opened his eyes and simple said “The elements are near” and walking only a short distance further we were all shocked to find four room each one that contained a fountain of the elements, one water, one fire, one earth, and one air seeing Rastin’s eyes light up like he had found something of great value, what happened next however was enough to shock me as Rastin began to undress down to his lion cloth.
I was unsure what this powerful spell caster was doing but he reassured me with a calming look upon his face and said it would be all right, standing their however he mediated for several minutes until he walks straight into one of the fountains seeing elemental earth shoot over his body form the fountain that clearly did him physical damage but in some strange way seemed to bring him closer to the elements. I remember him walking to the next room where he again walked into the fountain in front of him seeing ice cold elemental water splashing over his skin again doing damage to him and its clear to say I stayed right there watching him every second in case something bad happened.

I must admit it did not seem that bad until Rastin reached the room of elemental fire that had a column of burning fire shooting from the ground like a fountain of flames, at this stage I was tempted to stop Rastin but again he reassured me that it would be all right seeing him take several deep breaths before he walked straight into the fire before him, and I have to say whilst the fire would have killed many people Rastin seemed to bath himself in the fire with only minor injuries seeing him walk out the other side as if he had been refreshed or rejuvenated by the flames, what strange powers these spell casters have yet in some magic sort of way it seemed to bring him closer to the elements of our world and I think deep down Rastin knew that in his soul.

Having explored the majority of the complex we had a brief rest whilst Rastin mediated to the elements until we finally decided to explore the last corridor and have to say that what we was about to find was even more awesome that anything we had seen before. Walking down the long corridor we suddenly heard the sound of crashing waves like an entire ocean was around the corner making us think it was yet another ancient trap or illusion, walking around the corner however we were astounded at what we witnessed as around the corner was an entire ocean that was purple in colour, not only that but high above the purple rolling sea was a huge bright green moon seeing the place bathed in a shimmering green light that danced along the purple waters.

I think we all stud there for a least five minutes hardly saying a word as we looked out over this epic landscape before us and have to admit I had no idea what this place was. We decided to investigate further and Kaerless threw another one of his rubber balls into the purple ocean seeing it float like it would in any other water, not only that but Elora shot and arrow sending it hurtling towards the huge green moon in the sky and think she was hoping that maybe the vision before us was another illusion, however just like any other arrow shot into the sky it flew up some distance before harmlessly falling into the sea below, it was at that point however the master Kaerless suggested that he knew what this place was as by all accounts he had read about such things.

Kaerless explained that many years ago the magicians of the lost city spent many years researching the astral plane that surrounds us looking for new magical worlds and new dimensions, and by all accounts the great wizards of old had managed to open several gateways to different worlds and if Kaerless was correct then this site before us was actually a gateway into a totally different world seeing us all look on in wonder at the strange purple see and huge glowing green moon, I mean what was this place, was it another world and if so did the Theran wizards find something there in fact one wonders if the horrors themselves came from such a place, that maybe the curiosity of the wizards brought the foul beasts to our world, that maybe they caused the first gateway that called the horrors to our lands, needless to say it proves how ignorant and stupid the Theran’s really are to open a actual gateway to another world below your own city is stupidity at best.

For that moment however I think every single one of us looked out of that great and strange land and wondered what could be out there, new races, new adventures, treasures beyond our wildest dreams, who knows maybe that world holds the key to killing the horrors. Having spent a fair bit of time looking out of the strange new world we decided to build a magical bone circle which is a device that will allow us to travel back to the place at a later date, we also left a sign that the Circle of Light had been here seeing us place a makeshift flag within the circle of bones, and with that we left the place before some great demon attacked us from the ocean in front of us.

I think we all left that place with sheer wonder and astonishment in our minds but as we made our way into the darkness I think we all realized this is our world and its worth fighting for. Making our way out of the complex we was met by the morning sun that washed over the ruined and cursed city of Parlainth and luckily only had a few hours walk back to the town of Haven. We did not get far however when we suddenly noticed a large Obsidimen running towards us where he smiled and shouted “Friends, friends I am so happy I have found you” and we instantly noticed him as one of the three prisoners we had released when we first found the catacombs.

While we are unsure who this person was we knew he had been taken prisoner some weeks before by the evil cult who worshipped the horror we had just killed seeing us free him, sadly however we were in for a bit of a shock as getting closer to us the friendly looking Obsidimen suddenly struck out and attacked Gron and we can only assume this strange Obsidimen was still under the influence of a horror or that some higher force was controlling him. Unarmed at the time and looking in a bad state we did not want to kill the Obsidimen but instead we managed to subdue him seieng me hit him on the back of the head as he wrestled with Gron, I guess killing a unarmed innocent is just not the Circle of Lights way but instead we shall try and rescue him from his torment.

With that we head home to Haven and within only a few hours could see the welcome site of the towns gates ahead and what a story we have to tell, I am sure the people in this strange fortified town will love to hear yet another great adventure of the Circle of Light seeing us all smile as we marched through the gates arriving back safely once again. Heading to our room in the local tavern we were all in good spirits until Rastin reached out to open the door to our room when all of a sudden were heard a great rushing sound seeing a huge explosion of fire consume Rastin which caused him some serious damage like various magical traps had been set to ambush us.

Quickly forming the group we headed into the room to found the entire place had been ransacked seeing out entire room searched and tipped over like someone had been looking for something, even the mattresses on the beds had been cut open and all of the draws emptied. Looking around however we noticed a strange note stuck in the table with a dagger, walking over to the note we all looked down at the writing below us which said.

“For your blasphemy and insults to the one true Passion, the all powerful and mighty Lord Vestrial your lives are forfeit, I will not cease until your souls are devoured. There is no where you can hide from the all seeing Vestrial”

“Garron Karlson”

“Master of the Under City”

Looking at each other in shock we can only assume this has something to do with the ancient temple of Vestrail that we found in the city some weeks ago, as travelling into the lost city we not only found and ancient temple to the corrupted God Vestrial but we also killed a horror and its followers deep within the temple, sadly however some of the evil minions escaped and we can only assume this was one of them, for now at least this tavern is no longer safe and think we would be wise to go undercover and vanish into the street of Haven, one things for sure if this Garron Karlson wants to threaten the Circle of Light then he will have one hell of a fight on his hands.



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