Session 20: Where's all the Profit



The Writings of Jace – Windling Thief

10th of Riag

Well it would seem that our time in haven would be coming to a close! Or so we bloody thought! Those Far Striders had turned up gone around town visiting the local merchants grabbing up potions basic items for their journey into Parlainth. So all we have to do is sit back and wait for the idiots to get out of there, Free Money.

So our time was ours to do as we pleased, Great news! More time to make maps of Haven and gain more profit, most of us journeyed to see people who would gift us with knowledge of our own paths we walk.

One afternoon after having a few ales and listening to Rayven’s ever going on tales we heard quite a commotion outside being curios of the horde of people we set off to follow them. All of them were wearing the sword emblem that was slowly becoming more popular around haven.

Torgak’s is where we ended up where there was a large mob all hyped up like they were ready for a lynching, we quickly found out what was going on Archiana Smoothskin was leading the rabble, all the people with the sword symbol seemed to be under her influence but how? How could such a weak mind fool have convinced all these people to rebel against Torgak! Stones were being pelted at his shop the mob was screaming for his blood, there were all absolutely crazed. At the front of the group was Archiana stood telling everyone about a meeting where she will explain her plan to become the mayor of Haven and that everyone should attend. We had enough of the stupid group of crazed Barsavians and decided to leave them to their rants.

Not long thereafter two of Torgak’s lieutenants approached us and told us Torgak needed to see us, so we were lead there to a secret entrance and hushed into his shops cellar, where the stupid troll offered us yet another job, he offered us the small sum of 800 SP each, I mean 800 SP, I piss 800 silver, anyway the job find out how Archiana had turned Haven against him and to put an end to it.

So now we had to go to fools meeting about how she was going to over throw Torgak. The road was full of people you could hardly move it was that busy with the townspeople of Haven wanting to hear what this silly woman wanted to say. Before the wench made her way on to the makeshift stage Rastin suddenly realised a piece of paper was in his hand after reading it and looking round noticed a stranger in the crowed nodding knowingly, it read.

Note from needren

Friends of Archiana, she wishes to hire you to prevent possible upcoming assault see me after the meeting.
- Needren Lannen Wiswell

JACKPOT! Getting paid twice while back stabbing someone else, great more profit.

Desire boxShe made her way onto the stage and BOOM the mob of crazed Havenites went into nonstop cheers and general excitement. Telling the crowd to hush down she began to tell the mob about how terrible Torgak is and how much better she is, the crowd swallowing all of it. Then she lifts up a box, now this box It was amazing the more she talked the more glowing it became, the more we believed her even the bit about the Blood Monkeys!

At this point I’m sold Archiana should be mayor, Torgak is a stupid troll he should just handover the mantle now and leave town before we string him up for treason! How dear he charge people outrageous prices for mediocre items.

The great Archiana tells us to meet her at the map wall at 9, or was 8 I don’t think she made up her mind at which point we will march on Torgak’s and throw him out of town! DOWN WITH THE TROLL SCUM!

After the awe inspiring speech we made our way to the front to speak with her about this protection job that Needren told us about where the wonderful woman offered us the great sum of 500 SP and free membership to the Association of Unaffiliated Explorers and to protect her against fools who don’t see the light and take that idiot Torgak’s side.

Elora didn’t believe a word of it she said, and over a period of time convinced the rest of us that we were under the magical boxes power! With the help of Dyntheri to break the spell and reinforce that we were in fact under the power of the box.

After realising we were under a spell we decided to try and retrieve the box. So we scouted out the building in which Archiana was staying, it was a two up two down house, with two guards on each door, front and back. I sent in the group to talk to the guards while I tried to no avail to break in the lock to the upper window lock was rusted and because of this it made too much noise…. At this noise the guards became very agitated and said if we didn’t leave now they’d take care of us here and now, rather than getting in to a fight in the middle of Haven we decided to leave.

We now had to find a new plan the female elf Elora came up with a cunning plan to get them wasted with some ale spiked with trace weed. Approaching the they initially started drawing their weapons but after we presented them with a full barrel of ale they calmed down instantly and the guards they fell for it hook line and sinker.

Leaving them for an hour or so we again approached the building, several of the gaurds were out cold on the floor but some still remained drinking there fill, but we noticed that there were no guards round the back of the house. This is when I broke in like the greatest thief the world had ever seen and stole the box, as soon I picked it up from inside Archiana’s feeble safe, I… I … Felt that I could finish my mission! I raced back to our room at the Inn and waited for the rest to follow allowing myself time think of how to word how I could get my fellow Circle of Light members to fall in line with my overlords plan…..

After bumbled my way though my speech about how we can “Protect Barsaive by controlling Barsaive” a few of us fought over the box trying to use its power to help us gain what we most wanted.

ChorrolisAt this point in the middle of us all squabbling over the box it begins to glow more and more brightly, like fire seen through a diamond. Gazing breathlessly at its beauty, we all wanted the box even more. As that thought strikes us all, the light begins to pulse like a beacon. Rays of light shoot from the box, striking along the walls, furniture and all around. Waves of golden light ripple across the room. Whatever the light strikes looks infinitely desirable. Then the building begins to shake, and a few pieces of our equipment start to float gently into the air. At this we begin to smell a delicate perfume as the hairs on our forearms begins to stand on end. A swirl of colour coalesces in the air like a swirling pool of water out of which the Passion Chorrolis appears.

When Chorrolis sees the box, he laughs briefly and bitterly. “I nearly forgot this bauble,” he says. “The nosy dabblers of Parlainth created this tiny monstrosity some years ago to lure my kin to them. They may have felt annoyed that it lured only me. I never could make the trinket work properly but I assure you I own it legally, in fee simple.”

Chorrolis roots around in his pouch and pulls out an ancient Theran parchment, a lawful receipt for the desire box showing a purchase price of 20,000 silver pieces. He takes the box, and it stops glowing and reverts to its earlier, drab appearance.

I think it was lies a forgery I bet a filthy forgery…. He did however pay us for finding his Desire Box the mighty sum of one copper piece one, one copper piece I piss copper pieces.

Scribblings of Jace


Nice Ed :) will have to do a few more, and think Mike needs to as well lol

Session 20: Where's all the Profit

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