Session 2: In Search of Horrors



Cethin hill

14th of Veltom

Set off to the West following horror tracks, built camp safely

15th of Veltom

Carried on following horror tracks, camped safely

16th of Veltom

Followed the horror tracks to what looks like an old and abandoned mine, the bones of animals and name givers litter the floor outside (it must be the horrors nest) the light is failing now, should we attack or try and last out the night in horror controlled territory.

The Obsidimen Gron decided to lead the way and charged into the first two horror constructs outside the mine cleaving them to pieces with several mighty blows from his large axe. Looking around the group found various bits of bone surrounding the cave entrance (some from animals others from name givers) a quick search of these bones found some scattered coins and a silver bracelet before the group entered the mine.

In the first dusty room the group found at least 20 old barrels of fire oils, at least 11 of these were still full but some had leaked and broken over the years, a quick search found more bones and scattered silver coins. Moving deeper into the mine the group found a secret room that the elf wizard Karaath seemed to act really strange about, he seemed convinced the leaver was trapped and that we would all die if anyone touched it, however the female archer Elora stepped up and pulled the leaver, giving the door a quick kick the group found a small but posh sleeping area behind.

The sleeping area while old and unused for years did have one locked draw which the Windling Thief Jace made short work of opening. Inside there were several brand new medium leather back packs that seem to be enchanted with true air magic and must have been here locked away in the draw since the years of the miners, also in the draw were two old booster potions and the magic’s still seem strong within them.

Moving deeper into the mine there were several other rooms filled with rusty tools and old wheel barrows covered in dust, there was also a room filled with horror poo, this black substance smelt revolting and had deep red blood mixed inside. I kind of understood the Nethermancer Kaerless giving the poo a poke with a stick to further examine the horror nature of such things but for some strange reason the wizard Karaath jumped straight in with his hands and started looking through the poo, I’m really starting to think he’s crazy now and the others certainly didn’t look impressed at this shit fiddling situation as he didn’t find anything anyway other than horror poo. I think it was about then someone asked “where’s Gron

I mean an Obsidimen is not usually hard to miss but it wasn’t until some seconds later that we heard fighting from down the corridor and thought oh there’s Gron and after charging up to help found several other horrors that had already been quickly dispatched. Alongside the dead horrors was a small black nest that the horrors obviously used to sleep inside. The next room consisted of several more small horrors and a large dining area and another basic sleeping area which must have been for the miners, amongst the dust we found several silver plates and mixed cutlery which we bagged.

Moving on to the next room we were shocked to see the mine opened out into a huge cavern with a rail track leading down a large slope, and at the bottom of the rail track was a huge nest of horrors where we could see at least 40 moving around between the nests. Luckily on the rail track was four old rail carts that seemed to still be in working order and the group decided to fill these carts up with the barrels of burning oil that they found in the very first room of the mine, the idea been to send the horrors a flaming welcome wagon that hurtled off down the tracks filled with at least 10 large barrels of this old burning oil, I’m not sure what genius though this up but it showed real explosive thinking, however I also remember thinking what a fly by night operation we really are as we slipped over and fell into huge piles of horror poo while carrying huge barrels of oil through an ancient horror infested mine, you know, like you do.

Being fair it was a bit touch and go from the start we didn’t even know if the oil would light and explode but have to say the results were rather epic, these little carts after a good push by the Obsidimen Gron went flying down the tracks with their wheels squeaking and a self-rigged fuse that the Elementalist Rastin had made. Jumping behind cover I don’t remember much other than Gron pushing the cart down the track, the next thing all I remember is a huge flash and loud bang followed by an Obsidimen shaped blur and shadow been cast over the walls as the oil exploded in a sea of light and fire.

A great many of the horrors were blown to pieces as the oil exploded seeing flames and burning oils scattered all over the entire nest area and little black horrors running around in flames. Jumping down a small wall Gron and the Windling Jace scouted the area out and were soon swarmed by several small horrors and one much larger, which seemed about three times the size of the others. The elf archer Elora didn’t wait and within a second had pulled out an arrow and nailed one to the floor nearly taking its head clean off its body with a single arrow and within seconds the fight broke out.

Gron surged forward towards the large horror and the rest of the group began casting and approaching the horrors. All seemed fine until the large horror hit Gron and let out some kind of magical attack that seemed to freeze him in place like he was stunned or couldn’t move and the horrors began attacking him. Seeing the Obsidimen in trouble the Elementalist Rastin jumped over the wall and entered the combat putting his own life in front of others, the Nethermancer Kaerless shortly followed and could see he was casting some dark spell as magic weaved around in his hands, Gron was hurting badly at this point but in some strange kind of test of willpower Gron managed to break free from the horrors grip, I’m not sure if this was his training or just pure Obsidimen anger but he managed to break free and let out a volley of attacks against the horror cleaving it into various pieces on the floor.

Soon after the last of the horrors were dispatched we proceeded to search the large cavern area, looking around we found some small emeralds in the bottom of the underground river running through the mine, and also found a small metal tin containing a book that had received some water damage, it was at that point just after the battle that I noticed the Elementalist Rastin sit down next to the river, and while others searched around for emeralds or hidden secrets Rastin just sat there on the rocks and quietly sat with the water next to him and the fire still burning behind him and seemed to be at one with the elements around him. I felt guilty for a second as while we searched Rastin had chosen the path of his discipline, he had chosen to walk the adepts’ way, but it also made me smile knowing I was in good company.

Emerald mine

Map of the Emerald Mine

We made camp for the night in the old sleeping area behind the secret door as it seemed safer than going outside in the middle of the night. The next morning we set off back towards the town of Cethin Hill with a bag full of horror heads that we would get 10 silver each for; we also had a small collection of Emeralds and a few nice bags to put everything in. I think been near the earth must have helped Gron heal his damage as he seemed better by the morning and we all set off back to the town.

17th of Veltom:

We walked all day through scattered patchy grassland and camped safely for the night.

18th of Veltom:

We again walked for most of the day without any problems; we were however woken up in the middle of the night by a loud sound like a stampede approaching us. The Windling Jace decided to take a look and quickly fly over the area, he looked fairy startled on the way back and said he could see at least 200 to 300 horrors running over the night time landscape, he said they were bigger than the ones we had just been fighting and all seemed to run together towards the South, luckily they didn’t see us but we didn’t sleep easy after that and decided to head off early.

“When I saw this huge number of horrors charging south, at first I wanted to charge at them, this number of horrors can’t be allowed to freely roam around our land unimpeded. However with much resolve I resisted the urge, thinking this would only be suicidal and I would have only put my new found friends in great jeopardy. I will always slay any horror I meet, but I am only a novice and need to restrain myself when faced with enemies I cannot hope to defeat, with the knowledge that I will one day ultimately die at the claws of a horror, but until that time I will slay as many of the foul beasts as I can”
Gron, Obsidimen Horror Stalker

19th of Veltom:

We walked for most of the day until we spotted the small town of Cethin Hill in the distance and could see the damage to the town walls had been repaired and the residents and started the construction of new wooden spikes surrounding the battlements to stop any larger horrors charging into the walls again. Walking up to the town the guards spotted us and began to cheer as they could see we were carrying lots of horror heads. While the guards cheered we did notice maybe 20 to 25 funeral fires outside the village that still slightly smouldered and can only assume it was the villagers and guards who died in the fighting less than a week before.

Quickly encountering the Dwarf leader of the town a friendly man named Ulgar Mias who explained what had happened and he was very thankful for our help, he also said we were welcome to a free night in the inn and that the Wizard Emett Thusdale would help us with translating the book we had found. After selling the few items we had found and splitting the proceeds fairly we went to see Emett. After studding the book for some time he was able to translate it as he knew this older version the Dwarf language.

While most of the book was about mining Emett did find one interesting page near the back of the book which read:

“The horrors have been spotted nearby and we have been told to evacuate the mine and get everything back to the kaer. Everything they say, but we are carrying so many emeralds I’m not sure how we’re going to get everything back, this process should have been started weeks ago, but guess no one expected the horrors to arrive this fast, it’s that bloody Servos Jungle some of the first horrors appeared there, the place is swarming with them. It’s going to be a long four day journey back to the kaer and the men already feel uneasy like something is watching them, hopefully we can be gone in a few days, may the passions help us”

This sounds amazing as what Emett didn’t know is that we have a map showing what we think is the location of the kaer and for now at least we might be the only ones who know. After looking at the maps Rastin is fairly sure it’s just on the edge of the mighty Servos Jungle somewhere along the very Northern tip where some rocks meet the tree line. Everything seemed great emeralds, a lost kaer, the edge of the mighty Servos and we were all in good a mood until Gron piped up again, he is convinced that everything bad and evil in this world comes from the Servos and this just gave him another excuse to say “I’ve always known that the Servos Jungle was tainted” For now we walk along the cobbled street towards the little tavern as the last of the sun slowly fades over the walls beyond, I find myself smiling at our small success here on the frontier of our world and feel glad I have met some new companions who share in some of my desires.

With one last look towards the fading sun I find myself wondering, not everything bad comes from the Servos, does it?




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