Session 15: Horrors in the Rain


The Writings of Rayven – Human Warrior

Horrors in the rain30th of Sollus

Rain drops in the cold morning air still rolled down the window of our room at the Restless Troll where we woke after a uneasy night’s sleep, we had gone to bed late after seeing the residents of Haven building barricades in the street whilst arguing with each other and fights breaking out at random, tensions where high over the rumour of a huge incoming attack of Horrors that is due to happen any time now and have to say it’s got the town in quiet a fright.

However perhaps more disturbingly Elora the female archer had a dreadful night’s sleep and was tossing and turning all night and even mumbled words under her breath, waking up several times with hot sweats she said she had a bad dream where a large beast with various tentacles was reaching out towards her like it was trying to capture her soul. Sitting down and explaining more about the dream Kaerless and Gron seem to have heard stories about some large beast like creature with tentacles which is a powerful and destructive named Horror called Taint, however that was just one story so perhaps the dream was nothing more than a random nightmare but it certainly worried the group as the townsfolk themselves had reported having bad dreams as well.

Looking rather pale and tired Elora dragged herself out of bed and the others cracked jokes saying she had been dreaming about me and woke up all hot a sweaty, this seemed to lighten the mood a little as I do have a strong effect on the females but think deep down we were all worried Elora who seemed run down, however after studying her magically we could not see the mark of the beasts upon her and she seemed free from Horror taint so we headed down stairs and got her a hot breakfast and drink of fresh herb tea which she seemed to like.

That morning the group all had their own things to do seeing various members of the group head off training with the more experienced adept instructors they had found, myself already having a much higher level of training and experience did not need an instructor so instead stayed in our room and practised sword play before several hours of meditation and resting. The others seemed to have a hard day training and by now we noticed even more people had begun to build barricades in the street and had even started work on some makeshift battlements around the main entrance to the lost city of Parlainth and by now even the towns guard seemed to agree with the action.

Heading over to the guards we asked what was happening and the Troll guard seemed snappy and inpatient as did many of the other townsfolk, grunting at me he explained that some type of big attack was coming and that in years past when the clouds and heavy rains come, when people start having bad dreams it means a storm is brewing seeing countless Horrors attack Haven when the rains finally begin to stop. Looking at the battlements they seemed to be doing a fairly decent job of the makeshift wooden defences and the Troll again snapped at me asking if I was going to help.

I agreed to help for free however he said I better speak with Torgak the Troll leader of the town and he would pay me a daily rate of 50 silver coins to help build the defences and act as a towns guard until things settled down. Going to see Torgak was an experience in itself as this Troll like the other proved to be a snappy ignorant buffoon who would not even listen to me whatsoever which is the sign of a bad leader who lets Horrors breed in the streets and runs a town with no guards or organization, so leaving the shop I found the others who had done their training for the day and told them about the offer of 50 silver coins per day to work as town guards. All of the group decided it would be a good idea to help out as we would most likely be needed to help defend this town should the rumours turn out to be true after agreeing to Torgaks rules for his Town Guard.

We spent the rest of that afternoon trying to find out more information from the towns folk who still seem convinced of this imminent attack, we also looked around more of the shops and buildings and found out more about the organizations in town, as from what it seems several large groups had established themselves within the town and broker information, maps, advice and one would imagine even under the table agreements and sales where they make a living off the information and items coming out of the lost city.

From what it seems the Royal Order of Delvers and the Grim Legion are two of the organisations in town but it seems various people have representatives here, some who skulk in the shadows quietly watching and others who have formed more organised and open groups, and by all accounts joining one of these groups not only costs money but also means 2% of any finds in the lost city go directly to the group your associated with giving them a tidy living, however for all this expense the groups do promise to help you in various ways none of which seem that vital as by all accounts their main job is simply confirming if information is correct or not, seems they drive a high price considering they won’t come into the lost city to rescue you.

Later that night we retired to the Restless Troll to see a T’Skrang troubadour Sekra Imindis preform who was an excellent story teller seeing me stand and clap after she had finished her story which was about a strange and mysterious fountain of some sort, however overwhelmed by her story I forget to question her more but feeling inspired decided to tell a story of my own telling the entire bar the story of how the The Circle of Light saved Kaer Saleos and built an entire village fighting off undead bats, Night Scar and even Gnashers, and how once again we had come to help this town in need and how the Circle of Light would be on the front line if any attack did come.

The restless troll

The bar seemed impressed by my story as did Sekra Imindis who clapped and smiled as I walked off stage and from that point would not leave me alone. I noticed the thin Elf Dyntheri sitting in the bar and she seemed to smile lightly at my story but also looked at me with Sekra Imindis laughing and touching my shining breast plate as she talked about our stories and think she the elf was not impressed, however Sekra Imindis did seem memorised by the story of the The Circle of Light which could spread our legend in this part of the world as after all we had already killed a corrupted nest of Horror dogs so perhaps the troubadour Sekra Imindis will honour our name by telling further stories about us in the future, however her flirting with me seemed to upset several women in the tavern and could see several nervous faces waiting for my attention.

Walking over to the thin Elf Dyntheri to ask if she liked my story and if she would like to share a bottle of wine with me she again for the third time knocked me back and like everyone in this town was snappy giving little etiquette to a friendly situation so I finished several more tankards of mead before been jumped on by Sekra Imindis again who was obviously over powered by my presence and had probably not seen a man of my calibre in these parts for many years, the group however still seemed in good cheer apart from Elora who still seemed a little worried about the dreams she had, but for that night at least we sang and danced, we told stories and drank strong mead until finally Sekra Imindis asked me to walk her home which seemed to be my knightly duty in a such a dangerous hell hole town.

Walking the Sekra Imindis home, she lived in a nice small house in town that was well looked after and had various pictures and instruments on the wall but within seconds of walking in the door she had begun to undress and tried to kiss me. I am unsure if it was the 8 jugs of Dwarf mead or the half bottle of Elf wine but she seemed to be the only friendly person in this flea pit of a town and could tell she seemed lonely in her little house so I decided to change her world and spend the night seeing her long tail wrap around my leg as she smiled at me, spending what could only be described as a very interesting night together I woke the next day to find she had also woken up in hot sweats and steamy dreams making me think I’d broke another girl in less than two days.

However; laying there in a new and private bed felt good as my train of thought focused on the others cooped up in that shared room and began wondering if Elora was feeling any better or if any of the others has succumb to these nightmares the town was having. Heading back to the Restless Troll the dam rain still poured down and I found the group in a rather sorry state as it had seemed without my presence they had panicked and more of the group has succumb to these foul dreams seeing them wake in fear and hot sweats during the night, however at least Elora was more perky and seemed rather interested in where I had spent the night, perhaps after her own dream and a night away witnessed a little jealousy creeping in, which was rather touching.

1st of Riag

For most of that day people continued to train until early that afternoon when we all decided to sign up to Torgakc town guard as 50 silver coins a day is a good price and perhaps it would bring us closer to the towns people and guard helping us collect more information. One of our main duties was helping to build the makeshift defences against the lost cities entrance, and have to say each piece of wood and rope we carried was difficult and proved what a poorly run town this is as I could not believe such defences were not already in place, one would assume any town so close to the ruins of Parlainth would have a series of battlements and secondary walls in place constantly.

2nd of Riag

The group woke early ready for another day of training and guard duties and I think we were all uneasy as more of us (including myself) had more horrible nightmares that left us feeling tired and rather worried that some Horror or vile magic’s must be effecting the town and I have to say it was a horrible dream of people been ripped apart by an awful monster of some kind. Feeling drowsy we got out of bed and managed to drag ourselves downstairs for breakfast where we could still see rain pouring down through the windows on another cold and miserable day in Haven.

Sitting there next to the cold window most of us still shivered slightly from lack of sleep and could feel the tiredness in our eyes as the barmaid Audra pushed a basic fried breakfast in front of us which few of us had the stomach to face, when suddenly we heard what sounded like a faint scream from outside but been so tired it could have easily been a mistake until only a few seconds later we heard the same faint screaming that was muffled by the pattering of rain so we decided to go outside and investigate.

Feeling dazed and tired we pushed open the tavern door and stepped into the street, but literally within moments of stepping outside we felt the rain beginning to slow until within a few seconds it had virtually stropped altogether which is when we heard a frantic and clear scream that echoed out over the town


The voice screamed and we could see various guards running towards the new battlements near the great entrance to the lost city of Parlainth and seconds later heard some kind of horrific screeching like something was heading towards the town of Haven so we quickly began running towards the battlements.

We just about managed to get there and looking up could see various town guards and other adepts already firing their bows over the great walls making us wonder what the hell was going on. It was around that moment just as we got positioned behind one of the makeshift barricades that the sound of screeching and claws running across ancient stone got louder until suddenly the large wooden gates at the entrance to the lost city was nearly smashed clean off its hinges sending men flying backwards as huge plumes of dust flew into the air, it was almost like the gate had been hit by some huge battering ram or stampeding army of creatures.

It felt so strange as just for those few seconds time seemed to slow down when suddenly “Boom!” the entire gates at the front of the battlements were blown into a thousand pieces like they had been attacked by some extremely powerful spell that sent fragments of wood flying in all direction not to mention various parts of towns guards who were manning the gate. However it was in those brief few seconds as the noise rang in our ears and the dust began to settle that our hearts jumped in our chest as suddenly we could see hundreds of foul Undead and Horrors emerging like a great stampede from the dust caused by the explosion.

GhoulI think in those brief seconds all our hearts stopped dead as emerging from the dust was literally hundreds of Undead constructs and vile twisted Horrors of all shapes and sizes, and I can remember in that very last second as time seemed to slow Elora acted like lighting and jumping gracefully onto the battlements with chunks of wood still landing around her from the explosion she pulled out a large specially crafted arrow that seemed to have been modified using the true elements of fire and air to make some kind of explosive arrow, and within less than a second she had drawn the huge arrow in her bow and sent it hurting straight towards the stampede.

The large arrow bolted through the air towards the raging mass of monsters where it smashed directly into a Ghouls chest taking the foul creature clean off its feet and sending it flying backwards into others I can remember watching for that last second as the Ghoul began to get up with a burning arrow in its chest when all of a sudden we heard a colossal explosion as the true air and fire elements in the arrow mixed seeing a huge fireball like blast rip through the first wave of creatures sending bits of Ghoul and Horrors flying all over the place as the towns guard cheered at Elora who had already drawn another arrow and was taking aim at a new target as still many more beasts hurtled towards us.

Even with Elora’s impressive shot the sheer number of beasts flooding out of the lost city over powered us in a matter of minutes seeing each member of the group getting attacked by multiple creatures some of which were terrifying monsters of great size. Within moments we were in combat with wild claws and fangs lashing out towards us from every direction and while I cannot be sure of the number of creatures that attacked the group the variety of Horrors and Undead that we tried to slay were many.

Undead attackingGhouls were a plenty, along with other Undead creatures such as Bloated Ones which are drown Cadaver Men of which there were also many. Other Undead in the mass were Bone Sprits which all seemed to prefer to focus their attacks on Jace. Many others included, Demiwraith and even some huge Ogre Zombies.

The horrors were just as varied along with all types of False Men there were other flying creatures such as Blood Bee’s and
Plague Crawlers and two particularly large creatures a
Bone Shambler and a man that just looked a humanoid lump of Red Mud.

Totally surrounded in combat by the sheer numbers of enemies we had little option but to fight for our lives with each group member being seriously out numbered. I can remember at one point hearing Rastin shout “Look our Wraiths” and only seconds later also witnessed Jace flying past with a huge group of Blood Bee’s and Bone Sprits darting after him, sadly I had little chance to help as a massive Bone Shambler headed straight towards me as I lashed out with my huge double handed sword.

The huge Bone Shambler let out various attacks against me as a two Gnashers began surrounding me trying to take huge chucks out of my legs which luckily my armour protected against, however looking around I could see some of the other group members were in serious trouble and as I let out several more aggressive blows against the Bone Shambler in front of me I witnessed Kaerless dropping to the ground seemingly dead or unconscious which seemed to enrage the group.

Summing all of the strength and courage I could from inside I let out a massive attack against the Bone Shambler smashing my sword down straight through its body of bones and rusted metal weapons seeing it explode into pieces on the floor. Hitting it several more time in quick succession we were relieved when a large number of Troll guards who were in reserve charged into the combat to help us smashing Horrors down one by one with their huge axes and swords.

I remember at this point the group members whilst still under attack tried to head towards Kaerless and surround his body from further attacks, and while I’m unsure what happened we reached his body and found he was not breathing and was bleeding heavily. Shaking him slightly the strangest thing happened as just for a second he woke up gasping for air and looked straight at us with strange cloudy eyes before his head fell back and he once again stopped breathing, it was almost like he was on the very boundary between life and death and that for some unknown reason he had chosen death, maybe hoping to see and witness the last great adventure for himself.

Trolls attacking

The fight raged on as while the Troll guards charging to join the fray had seriously helped there were just too many enemies and more were appearing from the depths of the lost city each minute and it seemed like hundreds more still crashed towards the gates and would possibly over run the town killing us all in the process. Suddenly however we heard a huge a loud noise echoing across the sky and looking up could see a swirling storm in the skies like powerful magic’s were been used, then suddenly out of nowhere a huge dragon shaped figure appeared in the sky above the town of Haven and seemed to let out some terrifying roar that made the entire battlefield jump back and look up into the sky as even the beats themselves seemed scared and began fleeing back to the lost city.

Undead dragonI have no idea what this strange dragon like creature was or if it was trying to attack us or save us but either way many of the monsters and foul demons began scattering some back into the lost city and others making a break for it into the town. Helping to kill the last few the entire group was exhausted and heavily injured but still wide awake with the rush of adrenalin as looking around we could see numerous dead bodies on the floor and parts of Horrors hacked limb from limb, screams from name givers echoed over the town as they held in their own stomachs and spat up blood as Questors of Garlen hurried to their sides trying to rescue them.

It was chaos and I can remember seeing other groups of guards running around the town trying to kill the few remaining Horrors that had fled into the town when Rastin suddenly said Kaerless is dead” and could see several serious looking wounds like he has lost a lot of blood. Picking him up Gron headed straight towards the temple of Garlen hoping if we were quick enough the Questors there might be able to bring him back to life using the gifts and magic’s of Garlen.

Laying down Kaerless on the stone alter in the middle of the temple the Questors of Garlen were busy grabbing supplies for the wounded but quickly looked over his body, both examining him they seemed to nod in agreement and pulled out some type of highly magical potion which they rubbed into his wounds and mouth before saying they had to leave. I don’t think anyone spoke a word as we stood there in the temple with the body of our companion and I could tell all the group were nervous and worried as we did not know what was going to happen.

Waiting for several minutes I think we all began to feel a little anxious as nothing seemed to be happening making us wonder if it was too late to revive Kaerless when suddenly we heard a massive gasp that made us jump, looking towards Kaerless his back suddenly arched up seeing him take a huge breath of air before collapsing back down onto the alter. It was around that time I noticed his hand was clenched as tight as rock, so tight his hand had started to turn white from lack of blood circulation when all of a sudden he just loosened his grasp like he had let go of death and with that he began to breathe faintly, but normally.

Bringing him round slightly he managed to drink another magical healing potion before he drifted back asleep while the magic’s tuck effect. The entire group was glad he was alive and think at that point we all felt the thrill of victory as once again we had fought to save the town of Haven killing Horrors and Undead from the lost city of Parlainth and managed to survive. Looking outside it was still a horrible seen with injured guards been treated on the floor and people walking around hacking up the remains of Horrors so we went to help and the guards and townsfolk thanked us for our help in combat and for helping the wounded and defending the town.

I think it’s fair to say the entire town was in a state of shock after such a large invasion attempt but after treating a lot of the wounded a large number do guards were put on the gate and villagers began bringing new pieces of wood and old carts to shore up the gateway until new gates could be built over the following days. Various people came to thank us for our help but by now feeling exhausted and injured we got Kearless back to the tavern and decided to rest up for the night leaving the fresher guards on the gates overnight and think we all hoped the Horrors didn’t come back in the night as surly we could not stand another attack of such magnitude.

3rd of Riag

Waking up the next day we all felt sore from our various wounds and bites and after cleaning ourselves up we headed down stairs for some breakfast where we were met by a quiet and also nervous sense of success and could tell the towns people felt happy that the town had been saved but were also fearful thinking the Horrors might come back at any moment. Stepping outside we were fairly impressed as it seems the gate area had not only been heavily guarded over night but various workers had also not stopped working and had started to arrange the basics materials needed to build a rather large new gate meaning in a few days the entrance to the great city could once again be sealed which would perhaps be a big comfort to everyone in the town.

Looking around we noticed various guards bandaged up but still hobbling round with smiles on their faces and happy to be alive, we also noticed various families crying and hugging each other as various funeral piles were built for the dead guards and townsfolk who had fallen to the Horrors.

Asking around a little about the attack it seems that most of the townsfolk while upset, worried and in a state of shock were basically happy the attack was over and were focussed on getting the gates and new defences back in place just in case the beasts came back again, however the one strange thing they did say is when the huge dragon figure appeared in the sky it seemed to come from the centre of Parlainth near a place called “The Screaming Fountain” where it also seemed to return.

We could not really find out much about this Screaming Fountain as it seemed rude to ask too many questions whilst people burnt and buried their dead around us, however what we did find out is the centre of Parlainth and the Screaming Fountain is one of the most dangerous places in the lost city where many never return from at all, as who knows maybe various Horrors are hidden at the great crossroads in the centre of the city ruins, hidden and waiting for people like us to walk up one of the lanes but by all accounts that’s where the figure went straight into the centre of Parlainth.

For now at least things kind of returned to normal and over the next few days the group continued to train and we even noticed several more of the shops began to open which increased the closer it got to the new gate been completed. It was at this time I decided to visit the hair dressers and shaving shop in town which had been closed for some weeks in fear of this coming attack, and have to say getting a new fresh haircut and shave felt great after feeling wet and miserable for the last week in this rainy washed up hole, however perhaps what was more odd was Elora’s actions.

I think her hot sweaty dreams combined with a little competition from other females and seeing me killing a Bone Shambler single handed has really had an effect on her as she followed me to the hairdressers like a lost little monkey where she got a new hair cut in pig tails which she flaunted in an obvious attempt to win my attention, but I have to say she looked rather hot in her best cloths and new pig tails but had to resist as the last thing I need is another love sick Elf pining after me as they all seem to fall head over heels in love only to find they can’t handle a man of my calibre.

This Rayven sure does fancy himself as a woman’s man and paints himself as invincible in battle. I can’t really comment on his abilities with the women as by all accounts that side of other name givers has always bemused me. As to his prowess in battle, he may be a good swordsman and with all that armour I’m surprised he can even move quick enough to hit anything, but to continually write logs like this that makes it look that he was solely responsible for success in the battle needs to be corrected.

The man   stonemanI agree that he did well in the battle and to have to face up to a Bone Shambler and several Gnashers would prove to be difficult for most but he managed well enough. However everyone in the The Circle of Light all proved there prowess when faced with insurmountable odds. I myself had 10 False Men to contend with on my own, including a Stoneman and a Steelman which I can assure you are mighty difficult opponents, the rest of the group were also inundated with enemies of all sizes and although Kaerless died, for which I feel guilty for, as I should have been nearer and protected him better, the whole group performed amazingly. Yes it was touch and go for a while and I’m sure if the fight had continued we would all have died.
I hope for Rayvens sake he doesn’t think himself invincible otherwise that could be his downfall.

- Gron, Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Speaking to various people about the attack it seems people knew very little other than in years past when it rains for weeks on end and people have bad dreams the Horrors always attack Haven in force like some strange magical power is gathering them to attack the town, or maybe the beasts themselves are so scared they are trying to flee from something within the lost city, all we know for now however is that the huge and strange dragon figure that appeared in the sky headed straight back to the centre of Parlainth, other than that people seem to know very little so we continued to train and also stayed working as guards for several hours a night where we patrolled the town.

We did get chance to check out the fighting pits on one evening and have to say the experience was fairly strange and left us all thinking, as walking into the fighting pit area we soon discovered that four local troubadours’ were running the event and had captured some kind of large stone man from the lost city who had apparently won every fight. I guess at first we sat eagerly waiting for the fight to begin and expected some wild ferocious stone beast to come running out when instead a huge stone man did appear but as he was pushed into the arena he shouted for help and screamed at the people to save him from this nightmare making us believe he was been forced to fight against his will, in fact we had expected a mindless fighting machine but this creature seems to be smart.

I think we were a little unsure what to do as while slavery and forcing a creature into fighting is wrong we are acting as towns guards and for all we know the voice we heard from the stone man could have been acted simply to rise the tension and mood in the room, also while breaking this stone man free or challenging the troubadours and asking them what they are doing would be good we have little idea what we would do with a huge stone man or how we would get him back into the lost city if that is where he wanted to spend his freedom, we all agreed however that we need to look into this more and in the future will have to create an opportunity to talk with this beast and see how intelligent it really is as surly a creature of such size could break free if needed.

10th of Riag

Several more days passed like this seeing the group members complete their training which was a great burden off our shoulders as it often takes weeks to practice a new skill or talent meaning our time at last had been used both training and working but now at least we had some free time. We decided to search for more information about various things and even bought some documentation from the local information traders and were beginning to research more when we went out on night patrol for our duties as towns guard, and have to say in classic Torgak fashion he dropped the pay from 50 silver a day right down to 10 silver a day the same second the big attack ended, however we still decided to help the town and went out on the patrol.

The earth was still damp under foot and cold night air breezed through the dimly lit buildings of Haven and the place seemed quiet, almost like people dare not make a noise in case the Horrors came back in the night when suddenly were heard a rustling and scratching sound from around the corner like someone was tampering with the towns new barricades we had helped to build, so running around the corner we were shocked to find Sekra Imindis trying to cut the ropes holding the barricades together and seemed to be shaking and jabbering under her breath so we decided to step forward seeing her spin round in a fright.

Looking straight at us Sekra whipped her long tail around screaming at us

“No, No don’t come any closer The Clown will get you, he will kill you, stop now please, we must kill The Clown”

With that she seemed to work herself up into a frenzy before collapsing on the floor out of breath and seemingly in shock or under some dark influence. Helping Sekra a few of us got her to her feet while Elora scouted around the area and soon found strange patches of what looked like red blood or perhaps red paint, and using her strange Elf vision and skills in the arts of tracking Elora managed to back track to the map wall where we found the maddened and possessed T’Skrang had drawn a strange red mark on the map wall of Parlainth, could this be where the Horror that is effecting the town lives? The location is just inside the walls maybe half a day’s walk away.

Lifting Sekra up we tuck her to see the Nethermancer who had trained Kaerless hoping he would have more dark arcane knowledge’s over the illness that was effecting her, while we did not like leaving the ill T’Skrang we had little choice if we wanted to investigate further and once again we set out into the darkened streets of Haven, what was this illness spreading over the town, what were these evil dreams about, why do the Horrors attack the town when the rains end, what is this Screaming Fountain all about and why did the strange mystical dragon creature that appeared seem to go back there? We marched outside into the cold night air and had a hundred questions in our minds and could not help but wonder if this marking of red on the map wall was the key to it all.

Stepping out into the cold night air I think we all had a feeling that mystery and danger followed us closely here and can remember looking up at the colossal and ancient walls of Parlainth and we all suddenly remembered where we are, the lost city, one of the biggest ruined and Horror infested cities in the entire world, and with that we marched off into the shadowy streets of Haven with only a few flickering light to guide our way.

- The Writings of Rayven – Knight of the Rising Sun


I hope Rayven doesn’t think he is invincible lol

No I’m not invincible, but in some regards I am as my legend shall live on long after I’m dead :)

Session 15: Horrors in the Rain

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