The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Hiesman saleosOver the course of the next four days we organised the able bodied inhabitants to start preparing the planned building areas for our return, tasking various groups to dig foundations, clear out the Kaer, move the bricks to where we planned to build the wall and fell trees ready for building. Six of the inhabitants where to join us, notably two adepts a Dwarf Scout by the name of , Hiesman Saleos one of the original decedents of the Kaer builders and a Dwarf Warrior by the name of Giak.

During this time we went over the plans with Hemius Trueborn who appeared to be pleased with our designs and only made one or two suggestions of improvement which we integrated in to the plan.

House of saleos village map 3

It was also round this time that we started to notice that Karaath wasn’t around much at all and is spending all of his time with the girl he befriended some days earlier, as the day was drawing near to us leaving it was then that Karaath gave us the bad news.

He hadn’t really wanted to go adventuring in the first place but his father had insisted that he should and that it would make a man out of him. During his time adventuring all he had been looking for was a place to settle down and start a life a new for himself. Now having found this new fledgling village he felt this would be an ideal place to hang up his adventuring boots and help as best he could in establish this new village and on top of that he believed he had found he’s true love in the girl we have seen him with constantly.

None of us were able to change his mind on this matter and he even rejected going to Serpents Cove to collect the supplies, stating that he would be of better use if he stayed here and helped prepare the place for our return.

16th of Mawag

Ensuring they had enough provisions and after teaching some about the basics of hunting and foraging we set out to Serpents Cove to procure the items required to build this village. The first and second days of our trek were uneventful so this gave us time to talk with our new found friends about their existence in the Kaer, why they had left it so long to drop their defences and also practice some useful skills, such as swordplay and foraging.

18th of Mawag

On the third day of walking we arrived at the Serpent River and after about half a day’s walking by the side of the river we started to hear someone shouting from up ahead, cautiously we moved nearer and could see a T’Skrang about 70 foot from the shore line apparently struggling. As we got closer it was then that we noticed that the T’Skrang was caught up in vines in the fast flowing waters. At that we collected all the rope we had and found that we had just enough to be able to reach him. I wadded in to the water to chest high and then Jace flew over with the rope, cut the vines around the T’Skrang and wrapped the rope around him, at this I began to pull the T’Skrang to the shore line.

Safely getting the T’Skrang to the shore line he thanked us profusely for saving him and said he didn’t know how much longer he could have held out. Asking him what he was doing he then started to tell us about a competition that happens once a year near House Sirtis where many T’Skrang enter to swim across one of the most difficult stretches of the river, many don’t make it and at least a few die each year after they get caught up in the fierce currents and eddies that by the time the rescuers get there its often too late. The competition is about two months away and seems like an interesting event to visit should we be near at the time.

His name was Arrow Sesh and he’d practicing for the competition and had nearly made it across when strong current pushed him under and it was then that he got tangled in the vines and had been struggling to free himself for the last hour and had almost ran out of strength as we arrived.

Asking where he was headed he told us he was going to a small jetty some two to three days east and then on to House Sirtis. At this I thought we could head there rather than Serpents Cove as is a much larger city and supplies might even be cheaper, however after discussing the logistics this would add significant time to our journey let alone additional expense that could be spent on goods rather than travelling fee’s. Before Arrow Sesh left Rastin asked him if he would take a letter and map to his trading house advising them of the new village Saleos, that would be open for trading in a few months time after they had rebuilt there town.

After cordially thank us once again and saying if you mention my name in Serpents Cove I’m sure people will be willing to help you as you have helped me, then we set of on our separate ways, us onwards towards Serpents Cove and Arrow Sesh to House Sirtis.

20th of Mawag

After another days and half travel we eventually reached the hustle and bustle of Serpents Cove, at this sight the six who came with us from the Kaer where obviously awe struck as they hadn’t ever seen any form of civilisation in their whole lives having just come out of the Kaer. Some were obviously slightly anxious of what to expect and we reassured them that although the town does appear rowdy and somewhat chaotic that they would be safe with us.

As we walked in to Serpents Cove where heard the town crier shouting.

“Assassination attempt of the king foiled,
Assassination attempt of the king foiled”

Stopping him for a moment we asked for fuller information and all that he was able to reveal was that a group of elves had broken into the palace undetected and got close enough to the king to attempt to stab him with a poisoned blade. Who they were working for and how they had managed to get so close to the king was yet unknown.

Proceeding onwards in to the town, we managed to locate the town’s leader Ferun Unis a T’Skrang Swordmaster, who escorted us to her offices but would only allow two of our group and Hiseman in. Rastin and Jace decided that they where the best choices, although I did notice that Kaerless wasn’t too happy with this decision but didn’t voice his obvious disappointment that was shown on his face.

Rastin once more handed letters and maps to Ferun Unis about the new Kaers inhabitants starting their new town and asked if further letters could be sent to the King of Barsaive, Cethin Hill and Harrow Fields and start to help build up a trade network between these places. After long discussions between Ferun Unis and Hiesman Saleos it became apparent that she had heard of House Saleos previously, she then handed out a letter that would give us a 25% discount at all places within Serpents Cove along with a care package and organising free transport up the river.

During our time in Serpents Cove one thing of note was when Rastin and Elora quizzed the herbalist of good crops or herbs to grow in this area that would fetch a decent price, but they where ultimately interested in the smoking weeds of which they are so fond of. The main one that came to note was a weed called Dragons Breath that he said one of his friends Teroth once smoked the weed and after a night of using it suddenly announced the next day that his eyes where opened and then set of in to the wilds on his own. What he meant by this and where he went the merchant didn’t know. Getting very interested in this weed they learned that it only grows in areas where a dragon’s blood has been spilt, hence its rareness and probably its potency.

For the rest of the day we continued to secure all the items on our list and spent every last coin and some of our own to secure everything we needed.

21st of Mawag

Early the next day with all our items secured onboard the boat we head onwards to the jetty nearly a day away by boat, three days on foot. Looking out as we left for the high jinks we experienced the first time we left this area aboard a boat, nothing happened. The journey went without incident and by the time we got to the jetty dusk was approaching; securing all our gear we made camp for night away for the river’s edge so as not to attract anything that may be lurking in the waters.

24th of Mawag

For the next two days we travelled back to Saleos, on the second day of travel we spied an airship in the distance and with our small hoard of belongs and a small caravan it would be a tasty morsel for those raiders. Immediately we found a collecting of trees and threw netting above them and tried to hide all we had. Fortunately our quickness and thoroughness with coving up the caravan was a success as we saw it continue on its course.

We did manage to spy their emblem, which was of the Shinning Claws clan from the Caucavic Mountains; these would be another threat for our fledgling village to protect against in the near future.

As the day was drawing to an end we could see the village in the distance and at that the villages started running towards us cheering our safe return and goggling over all the supplies we had managed to bargain for.

GnasherAs we stopped and just started to unpack the wagons, in the distance just round the mountains edge a large band of what at first look like Ork Scorchers mounted on huge beasts starting charging towards us, preparing for battle and shouting at the villages to all get back, we then noticed that the riders weren’t shouting as if they were going to attack but where screaming for help as just behind them was a huge group of horror constructs of which I instantly recognised as Ganashers.

These beast on their own are fairly easy to slay, however they are very rarely found on their own and hordes of them can usually over come even the most well defended of villages, their bites are ferocious, they can jump amazingly high and they commonly attack the larger assailants in a frenzied mass of numbers to overpower them.

Standing my ground ensuring my booster potion is close at hand I wait for these beasts to feel the dark edge of Night Harvester

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker


Really enjoyed running this one :) group also did great.

Session 13: Saleos Rebuilt

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