Session 11: Engia’s Last Stand


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

DoorStanding in the door way in front of the piled up oil soaked wood, with Elora on one side firing her bow and the rest behind casting various spells at the Giant Spiders we could see fighting the Fog Ghosts, Jace decided, rather foolishly I thought at first, to fly in to the cavern and attack. Thinking that within seconds he’d be overrun by the reported hundreds of Giant Spiders, Jace had said lay inside. However; this didn’t happen and after a few minutes of spell casting and ranged attacks nothing else seemed to stir inside the cavern.

Once again I think little Jace has got over excited with fear and on first going down the tunnel he was so surprised at what he saw, that the six or eight spiders that where actually there suddenly turned in to hundreds and caused us to unnecessarily worry about how we were going to continue.

After waiting for the icy surface to dissipate we all moved down the corridor into the room totally covered in webs and could see many hundreds of small spiders scurrying around the webs but none of any size to worry us, but these could have been what Jace first glanced at along with the few huge ones. Slicing through the webs this area was once a large storage area with many broken boxes strewn all around containing the now familiar bricks we have seen many times with runes inscribed on them.

Moving forward down the corridor which split of in to two separate rooms lurking within each was one Giant Spiders, and one there own they are of little concern to The Circle of Light. Searching the rooms, which were once sleeping quarters nothing much was found apart from a few coins.

Proceeding forward we entered in to a huge room that was once the main forge for this stronghold. Strewn all about were various items in various stages of completion, all of which were long rusted away. On the other side to the forge there was a wood working area in much the same state of disrepair as the forge area from which nothing of any worth could be retrieved.

The next room was a huge workshop area with tables strewn all around as we continued to search two Giant Spiders ambled towards us again these were swiftly dispatched. Now free to search the room more thoroughly we noticed a locked room in the east corner. Jace examined the metal door for traps and didn’t find any so then proceeded to pick the two locks that securely sealed the room. Entering the room we could see that this was a storage area for a small amount of weapons and shields, we even found a Ferndask Shield which Kaerless took an immediate fancy to. Searching more thoroughly we found hidden behind some boxes six Gold Ingots wrapped in cloth, which by Jace estimation are worth around 200 SP each, one of which each of the party took for themselves.

The next room turned out to be a large drinking room with one huge table taking centre place and surrounded by many chairs, mostly broken and rotten away along with some silver tankards and other little trinkets.

Spider queen

From the room in the north we could hear the noises of something scurrying around, moving cautiously in to the room a Huge Spiders, much larger than what we had previously encountered appeared, this we instantly assumed was the Spider Queen. As usual I instantly charged towards the beast, but before getting to attack Elora and Jace had already dealt there telling blows as I swung my axe down on its head and severed it from its body. Out of the darkness also came several other smaller spiders that were all too easy to just squash.

Thinking about what could have happened if we hadn’t been so fortunate with our initial attacks, as this creature certainly had a lethal poison and if any of us had been bitten that could have been the end of one or more in The Circle of Light. Searching the area again nothing of any real worth could be found.

Upandal statueThe next room appeared at first to be a dead end with a shrine to Upandal and a huge statue of a dwarf holding a hammer as if to strike. At the foot of the statue there was an inscription.

Bless us Upadal, Give us the power to build strongly in your name.

Rastin approached the statue and then whispered something softly possibly a prayer to Upandal

Searching the room more thoroughly we eventually found directly behind the statue a secrete door that was activated by moving a lose brick in the wall. Looking down the corridor we could see that it went to the east, making sure there were no traps we proceeded round the corridor and found ourselves in a room with many paintings much the same as we found in the Skytha Mountains. At least we know we have come to the right place now.

Clearing away the dust from the panels one by one we first see that the carvings seem to be telling exactly the same story as before. However as we clear more and more panels around the room it isn’t long before we find a picture that we haven’t seen before.

The first panel shows a group of around 4000 Dwarves walking through open grassland in a massive line being led by several large Obsidimen at the front of the convoy. Looking further into the detail we noticed a great set of mountains far behind the marching Dwarves behind which are several plumes of smoke rising from the mountain peaks, underneath the panel a simple line of Dwarf text reads:

We march towards the Caucavic Region leaving our home of Skytha behind in horror and flames.

The next picture shows Dwarven minors and workers arriving into the mountains and been met by friendly Dwarven faces at watch posts created to care for the countless refugees from Skytha. Following the picture onwards we see a surge of activity as the Dwarfs begin setting up base camps and construction sites within the mountains, some of which look totally different from the one we are currently standing in. The line of text underneath reads:

Quickly we prepared for the great construction project, isolated in the mountains we build in secret.

The next panel appears to show a colossal construction project of some sort surrounded by hundreds of Dwarven building frames and platforms and Dwarves and Obsidimen working together and carving out huge tunnels and doorways into the solid rock of the mountain, and even spell casters stand together and seem to be working on magical runes that have being carved into the rock, the lines of text reads:

No Dwarf has ever built anything like this before; we must work day and night if we ever want to finish this project.

This panel is carved within the stone shows a picture of perhaps one of the biggest buildings ever seen. This colossal pyramid shaped building stands hundreds of feet tall and even makes the mighty Obsidimen look like ants compared to its huge size. The massive structure is covered from top to bottom with expertly crafted Dwarven runes on every brick seems to be magical in nature.

The last scene on this panel shows the mighty sun setting behind the colossal pyramid structure, and a large group of Dwarves and Obsidimen seem to be shaking hands and bidding each other farewell, the line of text reads:

We have worked isolated and in secret for four generations, but now our work here is done and our people leave South leaving the brothers of the mountain to finish the last of the construction, may the passions bless them.

The next picture not only shows the Dwarves leaving the mountains and the Obsidimen finishing the final construction of the massive pyramid, but also shows the world changing around them, with pictures of evil appearing, pictures of eyes and great jaws filled with fangs, and the picture seems to start showing the coming of the horrors and how over the following years our world was overrun by terror, and how people began to hide and seal themselves away. The line of text reads:

Years have passed since we left, the Horrors are coming to our world and people are sealing themselves away, we only have one last task before we finally close the doors.

The next picture shows a heavily armed group of around 200 Dwarfs who are walking cautiously through a darkened land the leader of the Dwarves is carrying the huge golden axe from the previous pictures and is also carrying a large golden book that could possibly be the famous “Book of Tomorrow”. The soldiers look uneasy and on guard fearing the horrors that may appear at any time. The line of text reads:

For one final time we go to see the brothers of the mountain as the last of the great enchantments should nearly be done, we now tread carefully within their prayers.

The next panel shows the huge pyramid structure surrounded by Obsidimen that seem to be casting spells directed against the countless runes carved into the stone. Other Obsidimen can be seen running and carrying weapons to the side of the great Pyramid where a single long bridge leading over a large chasm is being defended by Obsidimen. A dark tide of hundreds of horrors just like the ones carved in the pictures of Skytha are charging towards the mighty Obsidimen as they hold the bridge valiantly. They are heavily outnumbered as hundred of horrors come pouring from the mountains. The line of text under it reads:

The great battle for the Bridge of Engia.

The next panel shows a continuation of an epic battle that is been fought at the end of the bridge, huge Obsidimen trying to fight while countless horrors jump on their backs and gouge razor sharp claws and fangs into their flesh, the heavily outnumbered Obsidimen appear to be fighting a desperate battle. In the background of the picture a single Dwarven figure is standing alone in the mountains, clenching in both hands a huge Dwarven war horn that he holds high into the sky and appears to be blowing. All around this Dwarf a large group of around 200 heavily armed Dwarves can be seen charging in the direction of the bridge swinging their colossal axes in the air. The line of text simply reads

The great horn of war sounds in the mountains once more

This panel shows a huge battle scene where Dwarf and Obsidimen once again fight desperately to reach each other, while the Obsidimen continue smashing countless horrors off the bridge with their massive weapons the 200 hundred Dwarves come crashing into the horrors, being led by a large Dwarf wielding a huge golden axe that seems to be emanating some kind of strange and powerful magical effect.

The massive axe is emanating some kind of void of magical purple energy that looks like crackling lighting as it smashes down onto the horrors and exploding them into a thousand pieces. The Dwarves while still fighting have managed to break through to the Obsidimen and are now helping them to hold the line at the end of the bridge. The line of text reads:

The cries of war and bravery echoed so loud over the mountains the passions themselves must have heard.

This the last great picture of the room shows a besieged line of Dwarves and Obsidimen still fighting to hold the bridge, and as the fight rages a small group of Dwarves can be seen running towards the great ruined doorway of the Pyramid carrying the golden “ Book of Tomorrow” and the huge powerful axe with them. Several cloaked Obsidimen can be seen standing in the huge doorway of the pyramid and knelt before them are several Dwarfs who stretch out their arms and offer the Obsidimen the “Book of Tomorrow” and the massive axe which is now glowing with a golden light.

The last of the Obsidimen are now retreating towards the great pyramid leaving the besieged and outnumbered Dwarves to cover the retreat. The last scene of the panel shows three cloaked Obsidimen standing in the Pyramid as the great door closes shut they hold their hands on their chest in some kind of salute of honour. From there the picture shows the great door finally sealed and the magic in the runes starting to glow, the very last scene of the picture shows a group of heavily besieged Dwarves fighting an impossible battle to hold the bridge against countless horrors. The simple line of text underneath reads:

The last stand of house Avalus.

After the last picture a final inscription reads:

Here in the mountains, here in the world’s darkest hour the last great lords of House Avalus bled the ground red to protect our friends. We fight and we die this day in the hope of protecting tomorrow and now the great axe that was built because the Obsidimen saved us has now been used to save the Obsidimen.

It is not only the last great weapon built by our dying kingdom,
It is not only the last weapon ever to be forged in the great halls of Skytha,
It is the axe of a fallen world.
It is the path to Engia.

Long live House Avalus

Long live Engia……..The Great Ark of the Obsidimen

Having read all the inscriptions and following the story nothing else in this room was found, at which I suddenly felt something else must be here, this couldn’t be all we came for. Continuing to search, eventually another secret door was found directly opposite. This then peaked my interest once again; Jace checked the room for traps and managed to detect an old arrow trap which he easily disarmed. Searching the room we found a mass of ancient papers on a table. As we looked through the ancient, damp and rotted documents we managed to find two wet pages that where partially readable. Holding them closer to the light we managed to make out some legible words which is hard going after so many years being exposed to the damp underground air.

The fragment of the first document reads:

The sheer amount of true elements we need is unthinkable, also mixing true earth with |\/|\\/||/\/\| and requires such precise mixing it will make the enchantments very difficult and expensive. Now the small makeshift air ships land every day and take equipment and bricks to the main construction site, and they have one long journey to the |\/|\\/||/\/\| well that’s if they make it at all

If they only understood that Engia is |\/|\\/||/\/\| then perhaps they would look at things a different way, but at least it’s well hidden in the mountains, even Dwarf’s would have trouble finding that place without a map, at least we are on schedule.

The fragment of the second document reads:

The horrors have attacked Engia but lucky the great door was sealed, I am unsure if any of the warriors on the bridge escaped |\/|\\/||/\/\|. Only a few of us remain now most of the workers left over a year ago but a small amount of us enchanters are still needed, however with the recent attack we have been given final orders to evacuate fully now Engia is |\/|\\/||/\/\| Hopefully we can make it all the way back but the guards have reported seeing horrors nearby, hopefully they didn’t see the camp

I hope our efforts are not lost in this coming time of horror, we have worked so hard on this |\/|\\/||/\/\| but at least we think the secret has been kept safe. Funny how we have worked so hard and no one will ever know, in fact if any more of our great house is lost then there will be no one left to tell the story of Engia. I mean we have been sworn to secrecy on this matter but am sure by the end of this horrible Scourge anyone who could have remembered will be dead“

I understand the Obsidimen’s need for true earth but still hope the horrors are not attracted to so much of the magical element, at least for now the two life rocks are safe. I know that the |\/|\\/||/\/\| life rocks are vital; some even say it’s where it all began. For now we have finished the hidden carvings in case our kind one day return after this brutal Scourge ends, may the passions bless us all

Just managing to read the final legible bit of text and the papers start to crumble, too late for Kaerless to cast one of his dry spells.

We found no further clues as where to go next to find either the axe or the Obsidimen clan that took the axe.

Engia s stronghold

All that we know is that the large pyramid lays in the mountains, but which mountains, the Caucavic Mountains? Even if we can confidently narrow our search down to this region we would still have a huge territory to explore and that could take a life time. If we want to continue with our search for this legendary axe we will need to go to one of the bigger cities and seek out as much information as we can from what we already know.

For now all that is left to do is head back to Kenvin’s hut, but before we do that I insisted that I wanted to check every tunnel that we hadn’t explored previously, the rest of the group weren’t that enthusiastic about this, but after I said I’d take the risk from the traps. Unfortunately this proved fruitless, only a small amount of coin was found. One trap sealed me in a room on my own and as I pulled with all my might to lift the rock door I was surprised to see that Jace on the other side was the one who seemed to be lifting it the most, small he may be, but that one has some hidden strengths.

Dwarven tunnels

3rd of Mawag

After 5 days of hiking back thought he Dwarven tunnels and down the mountain we find ourselves back at Kenvin’s hut, however when we arrive he’s nowhere to be seen. Camping up for the night the following day Kenvin arrives laden with the spoils of his hunting, greeting us he’s happy for us to stay a few days whilst we rest and practice our talents before continuing onwards back to Serpents Cove.

6th of Mawag

After three days we are once again refreshed and ready to return to Serpents Cove. After about half a day’s walk we notice towards the west in distance a large plume of smoke rising in to the sky. It now looks like the trip back to Serpents Cove and sourcing more information about the axe and the pyramid will have to wait as we can’t just ignore this sight of what looks to us as a large fire of sorts and probably people in much need of help.

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker


Maybe you will find this place one day :P well if Gron doesn’t kill you all first :p

Session 11: Engia’s Last Stand

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