Session 10: End of a Kingdom


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Dark caveNot knowing what to expect we walk slowly in to the room and as we get closer we realise that noise is being created by Greater Termites which we have fought on many occasion now, at this I immediately charged in with little concern as these are easily slain creatures and nary a match for The Circle of Light, so I thought.

How wrong could I have been, although they looked the same they immediately surprised me as I approached, rearing up on their hind legs they sprayed a viscous fluid all over my body at that instant I immediately started writing around in agony as the fluid started to burn and caused immense pain. Elora also got covered in this acid like fluid and screamed so loudly that anything else that lived in these tunnels must have surely heard her.

Unable to do anything but roll around on the floor, Kaerless shouted “get in the water” If I wasn’t so distracted and in agony I might have thought that myself, however rolling in to the water didn’t seem to help that much and by the time I had recovered only one of the nine Greater Termites was left standing, as the others had managed valiantly to slay the rest.

Kaerless was exceptionally heroic in this endeavour as he waded through the hoard straight towards their mound and poured oil over it with one hand whilst simultaneously wringing another round the neck with one of his spells, which was truly an inspiring sight. Elora had also managed to recover from the acid quicker than I, most likely because I was attacked by two Greater Termites and Elora by one. Either way I have learnt a painful and valuable lesson today and that’s just because a creature looks the same as one I have previously encountered doesn’t actually mean they are. However on further inspection there was nothing to distinguish these from those we had encountered previously.

Onward we walked through the multi passage corridors and at every junction we had at least two choices to go if not more, but under Kaerless instruction we continued to follow the route down. Although at first we were fully exploring every tunnel and passage, we soon discovered that those not going down were dead ends and most were trapped. So rather than succumb to probable harm and constant attrition we (especially I, as I wanted to search everything) continued down only and avoided any other route.

Eventually after many twists and turns we arrived at a large room cut in half by a large chasm some 20 foot wide over which a wooden rope bridge was spanned, now it was Jace turn again to check the bridge for traps, After Jace had confirmed that the bridge was trap free, Elora started to cross but as soon as she got to the centre of the bridge the whole bridge collapsed in on itself and Elora fell down in to the darkness below, which Kaerless had already determined to be a Darkness spell cast on the area.

Immediately upon hearing Elora hit the ground and yell out in pain, I threw down the rope with a grappling hock on the end and shouted to her to grab it, fortunately it didn’t take her to long of scrambling around in the dark to find the rope and as soon as I felt her tug the rope I pulled her up with ease.

Jace then set about examining the bridge to figure how the trap was sprung and why he hadn’t noticed it, eventually he managed to reset the bridge so that we could cross, however the bridge still didn’t look strong enough for me to be able to cross so I elected to climb down in to the darkness and up the other side which I achieved without any problem.

At the far end of the room was a dark corridor again Jace flew ahead, went down the cave a short way then suddenly came flying out screaming Spider, which closely followed him out in to the room, but then for some reason scurried back down the tunnel from whence it came upon seeing us standing on this side of the bridge. Not thinking this was a Jehuthra we continued down the corridor with extreme caution.

However we didn’t encounter the spider and the only way out of the cave we were now in was down a very tight tunnel that most of us had to crawl down. This put us in a very dangerous position as we would not be able to use our weapons in such a cramped space, expecting the spider to appear at any moment we had no other choice but to continue forwards.

After about four hours of scrambling down the tight tunnel we eventually came out in to the open on to a freezing cold plateau. Now night time we searched to find somewhere sheltered to camp for the night, Elora managed to find an alcove that should shield us from most of the icy cutting wind and fortunately we had recently bought blankets and tents, knowing we were heading in to the mountains.

28th of Rua

Waking in the morning shivering in out tents, thinking that without them we most likely would have died, we looked northwards in to the snow-capped Caucavic Mountains thinking we had probably half a day’s walk left before we arrived at the end of the trail indicated on the map.

As predicted after walking for almost half a day we arrived at what appeared to be an ancient construction yard, speculating that this was where the materials were brought to and crafted for the possible Kaer that lay inside the mountains.

Construction yard

Scanning over the area we could see two large spiders amongst the ruins which were mostly covered by webs. Looking up it became apparent why this area lay in virtual darkness even though it was mid-day, as above us the whole area was completed shrouded in thick webs, that had obviously been here for many a decade. Were these webs created by just the few Giant Spiders that we could see, or countless more that had yet to reveal themselves?

Taking care of these Giant Spiders with little trouble, we scoured the area thoroughly which confirmed our initial thoughts that this was a construction yard for the building of a Kaer. Many bricks lay around which were inscribed with the “Rites of Protection” there was an airship landing point, which was probably used to bring vital materials in and many items in various stages of completion.

Entrance to spider lairAhead there was only one entrance that went in to the mountains, the door way which was now crumbling must have once been an impressive site, again the whole area was covered in many webs, but Jace managed to get inside without too much trouble and then confirmed our initial fears, this was the lair of the Giant Spiders, tens of spiders lay inside if not hundreds, which would have no hope of clearing by standard methods, now we needed a plan.

First we collected all the wooden material from the construction yards and piled it up just in front of the door way and covered it in oil, this we could then set on fire if they started hording out on mass.

Giant spidersRastin then cast his Icy Surface down the tunnel again to restrict and hinder their movement. Kaerless and Karaath then cast his Fog Ghost down the tunnel, which immediately started attacking the closest spiders.

Three spiders then started to struggle to get out of the tunnel and eventually slid down the corridor on to our waiting weapons, and were dispatched off quickly.
What do we do now; do we continue with casting Fog Ghosts down the corridor and Icy Surface and slay the few that come out at a time? There appear to be many Giant Spiders according to Jace, hundreds, so this tactic could take an unfeasibly long time.

Elora has her explosive arrow, but she seems less than eager to use it, as at the moment she sees it as a waste, however much I try to encourage her otherwise.

For now we are at an impasse, with how best to proceed, we need to get in to the Kaer, that is certain, but how? We can’t just stand here and let them force themselves out one or two at a time.

- Gron: Obsidiman Horror Stalker



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