Session 1: A New Beginning


The Writings of Gron – Obsidimen Horror Stalker

Year: 1510 TH

11th Veltom

EclipseUpon approaching Bartertown I became somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of activity in the town and decided that my entrance back in to society could do with being introduced on a less daunting level. Deciding not to enter Bartertown I thought I’d find a small town on the caravan trail where I might be able find work and possibly find other likeminded adepts to join up with. This would be a better reintroduction than entering the hustle and bustle of such a massive place as Bartertown.

13th Veltom

After two days walking west of Throal just as the sun was setting I happened on such a place called “Cethin Hill” (Dark in Celtic). Seeing at the end of the road a small fortified town surround by enchanted 12 foot walls to repel horrors, (which I was to find out later that night.)

TOWN OF CETHIN HILL (2 Days West of Throal)
• Town Leader – Dwarf Male – Ulgar Mias
• Inn / Tavern – The Cethin Well – Human Female – Julies Selvia
• Merchant Shop – Goods of Cethin – Dwarf Male – Ridus Kal
• Book Translator – Elderly Human Male – Emett Thusdale

Asking for directions at the guard gate to the nearest inn I made my way to the “Cethin Well.” Getting inside it was already quite busy, many people around the tables and at the bar. Approaching the bar I introduced myself to the bar maid who called herself Julies Selvia and asked if there was any caravan work to be had to which she informed me that a caravan was due within the next day or so heading towards the “Serpent River” and that they are always looking for adepts to help protect them. Whilst at the bar a female elf started talking to me in a rather flirtatious way, what she was trying to achieve I know not, so I just smiled reassuringly, she seemed harmless enough.

At this point people had started to run out of the inn, I made myself towards the window to try and see what was going on and saw a large number of town guards making their way to the wall and shouting “Everyone to the Wall” At this I rushed out and headed in the same direction as the guards. Before getting to the wall I saw a massive beast towering over the wall obviously intent on breaching its protections, fortunately it was not successful and in one almighty explosion the beast was destroyed, but the wall also shattered and left a wide breach of some 20 foot wide. Continuing to head towards the breach a guardsman shouted “There are more beasts coming through the breach get the wagons!” Hearing this I immediately, with all my speed headed for two wagons, summing up all my strength I pushed both wagons down the road to help secure the breach and hinder the oncoming attack.

Huge horrorGribblies

Huge Horror that Exploded Against the wall and Medium Sized Gribblies

Jumping up on the wagons I saw a mass of beasts scrambling over the debris and in to the town. These beasts were obviously horror constructs but I have never seen them before and do not know what name they go by. Their appearance was one of over grown beetles, standing as tall as a dog, with six pairs of legs, huge mandibles and as black as night. Unfortunately the wagons did not halt there onslaught and they just scrambled over the rubble and wagons as if they were not there. I remained at the forefront of the fight attempting to restrict their entry as best I could in to the town and managed to slay a fair number in the process.

The town guard appeared to be taking quite a beating and many were slain in the on-going battle, but I did notice several other people from the inn casting spells and attempting to stop the onslaught as best they could. One particular elven adept cast some extraordinary spells and managed to slay even more of the beasts than I. I later discovered that he was a Nethermancer that went by the name of Kaerless, I am intrigued by his skills and would very much like to know more.

As I was nearing unconsciousness the final beast was slain. I again attempted to understand what they were and gleaned that they had come from the “Servos Jungle” some 4 days west from the town. Which seems strange, how had these beasts travelled so far undetected and for what reason?

Taking a claw of one of the beasts to study later I then threw them all on a raging house fire. Once the clean-up had been completed the town’s Dwarven leader introduced himself as Ulgar Mias and proceeded to ask for help. He directed his request at the six apparent adepts who had resisted the attack.

He expressed that these attacks had been on the increase recently and would like us to hunt down the horrors lair and stop this once and for all as a reward he would give us 10 silver pieces per head upon successfully completing the quest. Although the money for completing the quest will be gratefully accepted, slaying these horrors and stopping further attacks on the town will be more of a reward.

14th Veltom

The next morning I went with Kaerless and the rest of the group from the previous night to see the towns elder called Emett Thusdale]] to see if we could garner any more information on the attacks from the previous night. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to like the introduction from Kaerless and promptly slammed the door in our faces.

I spoke with Kaerless about what I had gleaned about these constructs coming from the “ Servos Jungle” he didn’t seem to be that convinced even though I was absolutely sure of this fact, but neither had he gleaned any further information on these constructs. If he had he didn’t reveal anything at this time. I will have to continue to study them further and search my mind for something that may help over the coming days as we start to track down the whereabouts of these horrors.

Also that morning a contingent of Throalic guards had arrived and began restoring the wall with its protections, this made me feel more comfortable setting out to find where these horrors had originated from. I am now travelling with a group of five adepts, of which I know little but there calling names, over the coming days I will find out more about their intentions.

- Gron: Obsidimen Horror Stalker



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